Animated TV adverts remain a stalwart of the advertising world thanks to their dynamism, flexibility and sheer watchability. Here we round up our pick of the best animated TV adverts from the past few years and show how animation can bring absolutely anything to life, from baked beans to human beings and beyond!

Our favourite animated TV adverts:


1) Heinz Baked Beans – The one for all

Animated TV adverts have the power to inspire change, drive awareness and encourage action. But sometimes, a really well crafted animated TV advert is simply designed to make us smile. The latest animated TV advert for Heinz baked beans is spectacular in its simplicity. A beautiful tale of life…and beans…depicted in a dreamy animation style that is really pleasant to watch.

It tells the story of ‘Geoff’ and his journey of innovation towards designing the perfect can of Heinz baked beans. But it’s so much more than that – it’s a tale of love, family, courage and hope. With an inspiring voiceover and light, dreamy music to complement some simple but stunning animated design, this one is a real winner.


2) Royal London – Victorian times

Creating an old fashioned animated TV advert that feels fresh is no mean feat! Founded in 1861, Royal London has a rich British heritage that is still present in its values and service today. 

Tasked with creating an animated TV advert to promote this timeless brand, The Animation Guys team set to work re-creating a Victorian puppet theatre look and feel. The advert needed to be short but memorable, with a healthy mix of information and entertainment. The colour palette is a striking mix of pinks and purples and the hand-drawn animation style really comes to life as the advert plays out.

The voiceover is clear and authoritative, with striking accompanying sounds as an alternative to music. There’s a really strong call to action at the end of the advert, so viewers can get in touch as soon as they’ve finished watching. This stunning animated TV advert aired across 100 stations – great to see a piece of the old world brought to life on so many screens!


3) McVities – Sweeter together

“Sometimes the little things are actually the really big things”. We couldn’t agree more and this beautiful animated TV advert for McVities shows that a simple dose of animation, music and message can all combine to create a really powerful piece of film. 

The advert shows a tower crane driver who grows increasingly lonely as he is isolated from his colleagues. As the project he’s working on continues to move forward, he appears to be spinning around in circles, never able to enjoy the fruits of his labour. Then right at the last moment, his colleagues come through and deliver a small gesture with a big impact. Simple but beautifully effective.

4) Dumb ways to die

It can be tricky to create a TV advert that covers serious topics or public service messages with the right tone and delivery. You need to get your point across with the right amount of gravitas but if it’s even slightly boring, viewers will switch off. One of the most effective public safety campaigns came in the form of this fantastic animated TV advert from Melbourne’s Metro train company.

Titled, “Dumb ways to die” the video takes a lighter look at a very serious topic. Using clever animation, witty lyrics and whimsical music, the video delivers a really powerful and memorable message. Graphic scenes become watchable thanks to the power of animation and the overall effect shows that animated TV adverts are ideal for communicating even the most harrowing of messages!

These are just a few of our favourite animated TV adverts from the past few years. When it comes to animation, anything is possible! If you have a tricky objective or business challenge and would like to explore using animation to solve it, get in touch. You can browse our portfolio of animated TV adverts and other video styles . Or call us on 0207 2886 319 for a chat.