Video as a format is slowly taking over the internet. No, we aren’t joking. On average, adults in the UK watch 35 hours of online video content every day. And that isn’t even including streaming services like Netflix! As such, companies are looking to use videos in different ways as a means of separating themselves from the crowd. Look at the likes of augmented reality, for example.

Currently, one of the big emerging trends is interactive video. In fact it is probably more accurate to say that the concept is re-emerging. That isn’t to say, that it is not completely new. Look at the likes of legendary 80s arcade game Space Ace, for example. They ran off the concept of an interactive animation. (Here’s a full game run through for those of you looking to indulge in some childhood nostalgia and iconic 80s animation).

Regardless of its past, interactive video is very much part of the future. What exactly does an old school gaming experience have to do with your business? Let us explain.

How Interactive Video Can Advance Your Marketing Strategy

When it comes to showing that you are ahead of the competition, using the latest tech is an ever-effective means of proving just that. Video is a prime example. Think about it – back in the day online videos were seen as a tech revolution. Nowadays 92% of marketers say that video forms a crucial part of their overall strategy. Interactive video is very much showing signs of becoming one of these revolutionary technologies.

You can use interactive video in an almost limitless number of ways – internally (e.g. company training courses), externally (e.g. instructional videos for customers) or even as part of your reporting strategy for clients. What’s going to stand out more – a powerpoint presentation or an eye-catching video that you can literally interact with? Let’s be honest, no one is going to be backing option number one.

But how much difference would an interactive video actually make? Well, the proof is in the pudding. Research shows that interactive videos encourage a 66% increase in engagement and a 44% increase in viewing time. When you throw in the array of features that WIREWAX offers to its users, it becomes clear why this style of video is so popular.

What is WIREWAX, you ask? Let us help break it down for you.

Why WireWax is Best

Simply put, WIREWAX is an interactive video creation tool that is generating a lot of interest here at The Animation Guys. Using its awesome array of tools and features, the platform allows us to transform great video footage into an interactive extravaganza. Through the creation of specific chapters, hotspots and pop up overlays, we can pack more information into your videos.

Just think, you can pack about 10 minutes of information into a simple two or three minute video. Not only does it bring that extra layer to your company content, but it saves you money in production costs for what could otherwise end up being a Peter Jackson-length epic.

On top of that, WIREWAX incorporates a means of embedding your swanky new interactive video animation straight onto your website. Plus, the built-in analytics tool can be used as an accurate measure of content success. Basically, it’s a pretty high performing platform all-round.

How Animation Can Help Boost Your Interactive Video

So we’ve talked you through why interactive video is so effective and why WIREWAX is a great tool. So, where does animation come into it?

Animation allows you not only to create at the will of your wildest imagined concepts, but also to  tailor the footage to fit in with the interactions. Therefore, the entire process runs more smoothly as an overall brand experience. As an interactive animated video company, you simply let us know what it is that you are seeking from your project and we will manage the production process from start to finish.

Animated Videos Improve SEO | Interactive Video Animation

Also, we have the ability to create hotspots and popups that are unique to you alone. This means that even if you don’t want the video to be fully animated, there are still elements that will need an animator’s touch. We are talking completely personalised, tastefully branded microinteraction experiences that fit in seamlessly with your brand strategy.

If you are looking for an interactive video company to help create content or want to know more about our process and how we can help you make it happen, please email our team of friendly animators at or call us on +44 (0) 207 2886 319.