2021 was a year of gigantic change for The Animation Guys. So we thought, why not start 2022 off in the same mindset? (We could do without the incessant outbreaks of new COVID strains if possible…) That’s why we have waved farewell to our ever-faithful old workspace and found ourselves a new home in the form of a brand-spanking new animation studio.

We’ve been fortunate enough to see the TAG family grow recently, thanks in part to being involved in a number of awesome projects throughout 2021. Therefore we saw fit to up sticks and shift to a creative space that is better catered to our expanding team.

“What are the benefits of this new animation studio?!” we hear you cry!

The answer? Read on to find out…

animation studio

More Floor Space

First and foremost, our new animation studio hosted within the historic walls of Angel’s Business Design Centre offers more space for us to help build the studio that we dreamed of when we first started out in 2015. It also means that we can let our team grow. With new team members comes exciting new possibilities…

As we grow, we will see an increase in specific skill sets across the board. This will help us remain ahead of the curve when it comes to new emerging themes within the industry. (Check out what those might be here). It also allows for us to implement the latest and greatest tech. This means that if you are keen on the idea of developing 3D animated content, VR-friendly footage or any other high-tech reels then you better keep watching this space!

On a more basic level, the larger floor space creates room for some of our more standout decorations. Take our oldschool gin cabinet for example (but more on that later…)

In-House Production Studio

This is one of the highlights of the new workspace. Our separate production space is the perfect area for us to host group viewings of our latest content. It helps us gain a clearer image of the new product and is better catered for group discussions on how each piece could be tweaked. A two birds one stone scenario, it helps us combine video viewing space with a focus group atmosphere.

It also doubles as a showroom for our latest production efforts to be shown off to visiting clients. Let’s be honest, the likes of our latest animated TV adverts have more oomph when viewed through a swanky new projector.

Overall Studio Feng Shui

Visitors to our new office are welcomed by the enticing glow of a brand-new drinks fridge and oaken tones of our brand new bar area (complete with aforementioned gin cabinet). The area is also home to some of the trinkets that we had to regretfully omit from our old workspace. Inspirational artwork. Homely foliage. And some physical snippets from our favourite projects. Beyond that, you will most likely hear the rhythmic tik tak of table tennis echoing from our new games area.

One of our key goals when creating this new space was to foster the culture that we have built over the years. Creating an environment that is both fun and inspires creativity is what has helped us create emotionally-charged and impactful projects time and again.

Lastly, for us the new studio has intertwined nicely with the relaxing of working from home guidance. While our team has prospered working from home over the last two years, we’re delighted to welcome them back to the studio on a more regular basis. Brainstorming ideas, sharing visions, projects, and sketches are just some of what we’re excited for as 2022 gets underway! 

Have an animation project in mind that you need guidance for? Get in touch with our team today. You can email us at wecanhelp@theanimationguys.com or call us on 0207 2886 319. Or maybe you are an animation mega fan looking to join our team? If so, email us at jobs@theanimationguys.com to see what roles we have on offer.