Motion graphics examples abound on the internet, showcasing brands and causes in a really fresh and engaging format. Combining the power of simple animation, text, colour and movement, motion graphics are always a treat for the senses.

Here at The Animation Guys, we love sharing examples with clients who are looking for a bit of inspiration for their next project. We work across a broad customer base, spanning many different industries and client types. And as you’ll see when browsing the motion graphics examples on our website, this style of animation works across all of them! We’re thrilled to share some of our latest projects with you.

Motion graphics examples – our recent work


For the past 10 years, Martin2Smoove has travelled the world entertaining the coolest crowds at the hottest events, for the biggest brands on the planet. He’s now one of the most in-demand DJs around and has played for some of the most well known names in show business today.

We’ve worked with Martin in the past, so were already familiar with his brand and style when he approached us to take on his latest project. He needed a visualisation ident to be displayed behind him on stage when he was performing all over the world. This is by far one of our favourite projects because it was so much fun to put together!

Using a cool mix of text, special effects, music and movement, we created a new visualisation for Martin that was high impact, bold and a bit cheeky, whilst also feeling classy and timeless. 

Crisis Homeless Charity

Crisis is the national charity for homeless people. They help vulnerable people directly out of homelessness and campaign for the changes needed to solve it altogether. 

Crisis approached us looking for a characterful charity animation that would fit within their already strong brand identity. They wanted to stand out from competitors and reach a wide audience, which is so critical for their work. The end result is one of those animation projects that really sticks with viewers. 

It’s sensitive and poignant, and (we hope!) creates a sense of shared responsibility to end homelessness. Rather than using fast paced animation for the project, we turned to motion graphics for a simpler effect. This is one we’re especially proud to add to our motion graphics examples.

Business Design Centre

Something a bit different to our other work examples is the physical installation we worked on recently for the Business Design Centre. This was a project that was particularly close to our hearts as The Animation Guys office is actually situated inside the BDC building!

The brief for the project was to create a series of motion graphics pieces that would be displayed on large visual screens leading up the main escalator in the BDC building. This example shows that not all motion graphics examples are created equal – it was a design challenge to say the least! We needed to get the videos to line up perfectly so they would play in perfect timing as visitors made their way up the escalator. 

We’re really pleased with the final product and enjoy seeing these motion graphics examples in action every day as we make our way into the building!

Whatever the nature of your business, you’ll find plenty of motion graphics examples in our portfolio to give you some inspiration and ideas. At The Animation Guys, we use all sorts of animation styles to create stunning visual pieces for customers. Whether you’re keen to use video marketing as part of a wider campaign, you want to explain a new concept or idea, train staff or promote an important cause, we can help! 

Get in touch to chat about what you need and we’ll find a way to bring it to life through the power of animation. Or check out our website to find more motion graphics examples in action.