Food and Drink Animation

Introducing Food and Drink Animation

Breaking your latest edible product into the FMCG market is no mean feat. It’s essential that you make it stand out among the rabble of competitors plying for that snippet of attention that can see your sales skyrocket. Using effective food and drink animation can help you point out your product’s most mouth-watering highlights, thoughtfully blend foodstuff with branding and create a genuine treat for the senses.

With 71% of consumers preferring video over any other format when looking to buy a product, it seems silly not to invest in video marketing when looking to sell your latest consumable product.

particle animation

Here’s some of the reasons why you should consider animated food and drink as your next advertising angle:

Point Out Your Product’s Most Delectable Features

Competition in the food and drink industry is rife. And that is putting it lightly. No doubt you’ve got some delicious new snack or beverage up your sleeve. But how do you go about showing off those new features that are going to see it rise above the competition?

Food and drink animation gives you the unique opportunity to provide an in-depth look into your tasty new product that live action footage simply cannot replicate.

Amplify Your Product

Perhaps your fizzy drink is bringing out a new tropical flavour. Why not have a fountain of mangoes, pineapples and guavas erupt from beneath its lid?

Or perhaps you want to highlight the nuanced texture of your company’s latest bar snack? Animation lets you accentuate focus on your product’s most distinguishable USPs.

Changing your brand focus to make your products more environmentally friendly? You can use an animated food and drink visual to show your product battling off the causes of climate change.

The capabilities of animation are endless. Let your imagination run free and give the world a taste of what your food and drink can offer.

Give A Flavour Of Your Branding

So much of what someone remembers about their favourite consumable products is based on their portrayal.

No one can think of Coca Cola without envisaging the stark red and white of their iconic cans. Nor is it possible for the older generations among us to imagine Walkers crisps without Gary Lineker’s grinning mush plastered next to it.

And are Frosties world famous because of their delicious flavour? Partly. But we’re sure Tony had a big part to play in it, as well. (That’s the power of character animation, folks)

In the world of food and drink adverts, success and effective branding go hand in hand. Food and drink advertising allows you to mesh the two seamlessly. Take a look at this video that we created for Leffe, for example.

The effect can be achieved through a notable display of the brand colours or a memorable cameo from your iconic mascot. It’s through this proficient use of product animation that the association between beverage/binge worthy bites and brand becomes everlasting.

Create A Feast For The Senses

There are many elements to a successful food or drink product. Ideally, you should be looking to appeal to all senses. The familiar touch of the product in your hands; the visually striking branding; the tantalising sound of the packaging as it opens; the saliva-inducing scents right before it touches your lips; and of course the long awaited taste of your favourite food or drink.

An undeniably enticing experience for most of us. A borderline orgasmic experience for those with synesthesia.

Unfortunately, screens don’t offer the chance to smell or taste what is on them (yet…). Therefore, we have to rely on visuals and audio to tempt in our eagerly awaiting audience. Have you ever noticed that food adverts grab hold of your senses and reach deep into your memory for the last time you tasted such a thing? That’s the power of advertising, baby. And food and drink animation allows you to take this a step further.

Using animation, we can entwine audiovisual effects in order to create the most vivid impression of what your product has to offer. By visualising tastes and smells, mixing in familiar sounds and topping with a sprinkle of branding, we can help create a genuine feast for the senses.

Cater To Your Audience’s Needs

Much like people, no two audiences are the same. Each has their own distinguishable likes, dislikes and characteristics that set them apart. That’s why no two video marketing strategies should be the same. Whether looking to rebrand entirely or sticking to your guns, you will no doubt have a distinctive style in mind for your next set of food and drink adverts. Animation’s limitlessly personalisable character allows you to intricately mould your videos to meet your specific needs. Through this you can make something that is specifically angled to your target audience.

Not only that, but you can also tinker with it to place it in the most strategically fruitful locations. Releasing a hip new hoppy IPA? Target the younger crowds by optimising it for social media channels. Unveiling a new fibre-heavy prune juice? Consider creating an animated advert designed for TV (and air it either side of Coronation Street).

Animation gives you the opportunity to customise your video content to appeal to your unique audience both in terms of how it looks and how you deliver it. Check out our animated campaign for Absolute that does just that:

See Food and Drink Differently with Animation

To learn whether food and drink animation could be the way to get the word out about your product, get in touch with our team. You can email us at or call us on 0207 2886 319.

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    Interactive Videos

    From 80s gaming fad to an innovative new marketing tool, interactive video is taking the world by storm – but this time as a means of business promotion. This miraculous turnaround personifies not only the diversity of the video format but also its determination to stick around. What exactly is an interactive video, you ask?…

    Interactive videos are video content combined with a number of prompts that viewers can choose to interact with. In doing so, they can reveal informational pop ups, take viewers to particular web pages or even guide them through a particular storyline. 

    And the advantages of interactive videos? Modern society is strewn with short video clips that are so often scrolled past on web pages or social media without a second thought. Interactive video animations encourage the audience to take a moment and engage with your content. Research has shown that in an ecommerce setting, they can increase conversions by 20 – 30% and bolster purchase intent by 9x its typical level.

    Here is a taster of the ways that interactive videos could benefit your business:

    Animated Videos Improve SEO | Interactive Video Animation

    Pack More Information Into Your Videos

    Often in the world of animation, businesses struggle to fit absolutely everything that they want into their videos. Interactive video animations have the wondrous ability to pack more information into your clips without making them any longer (and having to face the resulting extra production costs…). 

    By adding in snippets of information at poignant moments during your video, you have the power to bolster your content. This means tactically placing relevant information into your explainer videos and animated reports without giving the impression that it has been mindlessly crammed in.

    Not only that, but the interactions are optional. That means that viewers won’t have the information shoved down their throats. Instead they can decide for themselves whether or not the information in question is of interest to them.

    Make Use Of The Wide Array Of Features

    The features on interactive videos expand far beyond simple popups. Equipped with their unique hotspot and overlay features, your videos expand beyond a viewing experience and become an interactive, gamified visual extravaganza. But the creative boundaries don’t stop there…

    Interactive video animation also brings a branching feature to the fore. By labelling your video with particular “chapters”, we can create a video experience that is tailored to the viewer’s choices. Anyone watch Black Mirror: Bandersnatch? Slightly rogue comparison, we know. But imagine using that tech in a business-focused context. This gives a personalised feel to your animated videos and lets your audience concentrate efforts on the elements of your brand they feel most connected to.

    Plus! All interactive videos come armed with live and real time analytic functions. This means that you can accurately track video performance as it is happening.

    The Perfect Strategy For Wowing Clients

    Looking for a way of sprucing up your reports? Interactive video may be just the answer that you are seeking. Instead of presenting your clients or stakeholders with yet another vanilla slide deck, why not wow them using an animated video report with a difference? This utilisation of interactive video in both B2C and B2B settings perfectly portrays the contextual flexibility that the format brings to the table.

    By presenting data in a manner that is both visually appealing and entirely immersive, interactive video animation is sure to create a report style that will live long in the memory. It takes reporting beyond arbitrary figures and weaves them into an easily digested, story-like format. 

    Software Animation

    Add WIREWAX To Your Business’ Arsenal

    As an interactive video company, we choose only the best tech for our creations. That’s why we use WIREWAX. Recently teaming up with streaming platform Vimeo, the platform helps take business videos to the next level. But not only that, it does so in a manner that is easy to manage and produces measurable results.

    Not only does the platform allow for the addition of innovative features, but also hosts your videos online. This allows for strategic embedding placement on your website, with high-speed loading times.

    To learn more about how interactive videos work, the ways in which you could use them and how we can help turn your creative ideas into a reality, get in touch with our team. You can email us at or call us on 0207 2886 319.

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      3D product animation

      NFT Animation

      The world is becoming increasingly digital. Whether or not you like the idea, sooner or later we are all going to have to embrace a more futuristic way of living in some manner. The online world has its own currencies and even artwork. The latter comes in the form of NFTs – or Non-Fungible Tokens.

      NFTs are fast becoming the next big thing. We’re talking millions of dollars spent on NFT sales every week in 2022. As an animation company that thrives on staying at the forefront of the latest trends, we too have begun to establish ourselves in the world of NFT production. More than just funky looking online images being sold for obscene sums of money, NFTs can be video clips like a “LeBron James Moment” or a funky animation. That’s where companies can TAG us in (see what we did there?).

      Creating your own animated NFTs could be your company’s way of taking its first steps into a new era. We can be the team to create it for you.

      Make Your Mark on the Future of the Online World

      This is one of those moments where you don’t want to miss the trend before it leaves. Still a relatively new concept, NFT productions are increasing in popularity every day. Getting on board sooner rather than later not only makes you an innovator and trend-setter (who doesn’t want that?) but will also help your business grow along with the NFT market.

      NFTs are becoming an extremely popular means of investing in online property. Attaching your business to this growth through the use of an NFT animation is an excellent branding exercise. 

      You can also use NFTs to build brand awareness, creating unique items for sale or to be won as prizes by your audience. There’s something to be said for offering unique gifts to your stakeholders that makes your company stand out among the crowd.

      By passing your NFT project to us, you are placing it in safe hands. Our team of talented animators can create a totally unique animated NFT that matches your vision and exceeds your expectations. Whatever the style of your project, we can help you make it happen. Or perhaps you aren’t quite sure what you’d like your company NFTs to consist of? Our experience in the sphere and friendly advice can help boost your creative juices and get the ideas flowing.

      Are you still wondering at this stage what exactly an NFT is? Don’t worry, you are far from alone! While we have done our best to break down this latest craze, even we are somewhat new on the scene! All we know is that it’s sure to be one hell of a ride!

      Add Extra Value to Your Content

      Having a standout branded animation is one thing. But having a unique animation that your customers can own is another. By turning your content into an NFT, you are adding another layer of value to both the content and your brand. Giving your audience the chance to own a signifier of your company is a massively appealing draw to many.

      Think of it as being like a limited edition of your brand’s content. You can take this a step further and morph your company character into an NFT series. This brings with it a deeper connection between brand and customer. Think of it like a unique trading card with your own personal touch to it.

      Expand Your Audience

      The NFT market is rife with young, impressionable individuals. We’re talking about a cocktail primarily made up of Millenials and Gen-Xers. By opening up a new avenue for brand exposure in the form of non-fungible tokens, you are opening up the gates to a whole new audience.

      NFT production can also be used as an event-driving tool. Take this campaign by AMC Theatres for example. When the new Spider-Man film was released, they offered a free NFT to the first 86,000 investors who reserved a ticket. The catch? The NFT only became valid once they had attended the movie. This is just one of countless examples of how you can use NFT animations as a marketing tool.

      NFT Animation

      To learn more about the emerging world of NFT animation and how we can work with your organisation to bring your ideas to life, you can get in touch with our team. You can email us at or call us on 0207 2886 319.

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        Augmented Reality Animation business card still

        Augmented Reality Animation

        Augmented Reality (AR) is blurring the lines of reality. Whilst virtual reality builds a world in which we fully immerse ourselves, augmented reality places objects or images in our own world, enhancing our version of reality and creating an interactive experience of a real-world environment.

        By using technology to overlay digital information onto a live camera feed, augmented reality can make digital content look and feel like part of the physical world. Let’s be honest – that’s pretty awesome!

        Augmented reality animation is a rapidly growing area of technology that creates a unique digital experience for the user to blend the best of the physical and virtual worlds. This in turn allows your video or product to stand out from the crowd.

        When used effectively, this animated content can have a significant impact on the viewer. Incorporating an element of animation into a video can visually enhance and simplify the message conveyed, connecting to the audience more effectively and creating a unique user experience.

        How Is Augmented Reality Used?

        If you, like many others, have the question, what is augmented reality? Well, it’s only one of the most highly-anticipated trends of 2022!

        In the real world one of the most mainstream examples of augmented reality is Pokémon Go, a mobile game that in 2016 sent millions of players wandering the streets in search of virtual creatures (Pokémon)! Players would travel around observing the world through the camera on their phone with the goal of finding Pokémon sporadically placed around using augmented reality. Through the game, players can merge the physical world with the virtual world to immerse themselves in a more diverse environment, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

        The United States Army is also making use of augmented reality to give soldiers improved situational awareness through a technology called “Tactical Augmented Reality”. This involves an eyepiece that helps soldiers locate both their positions as well as the positions of others. The goal is that this will one day replace night-vision goggles and hand-held GPS systems. We’re talking real-life Call of Duty here people!

        Augmented Reality – Is It The Future?

        Immerse Yourself

        Augmented reality animation brings an extra element of creativity to and enhances the captivation of videos. 

        This can be beneficial when used for the likes of live video streaming and advertising campaigns. These animated technologies are now reaching commercial spaces to make animation goods, presentations and advertising materials more enticing and therefore more successful. Expect to see this platform become a massive deal very soon…

        Dr Fosters Feature Promo still


        Augmented reality can also be used by healthcare professionals to help with the likes of stroke patient rehabilitation. Due to the interactive nature of augmented reality, it allows patients to perform repetitive exercises in an enjoyable and safe way that reduces fatigue associated with intense physical activity.

        AR can have a significant influence on upper and lower limb function, and could offer options for increasing treatment intensity and promoting motor recovery after a stroke.

        Cross Platform

        Augmented reality is a multi-platform content that uses device-agnostic technology which means it can be used with iOS, Android, and Windows through a smartphone or computer. This in turn makes it accessible to a wide breadth of users.

        As augmented technology is becoming more integrated, it is being utilised more in modern business to enhance training and improve employee skills at a faster rate. This can reduce costs as training will be more intuitive and therefore less errors are made once employees begin their role. The technology can also save money on travel costs, equipment costs, space hire and anything else that is normally required for training.

        Where Do We Come In?

        As an animation studio, we pride ourselves on keeping in step with the latest trends. And augmented reality is no exception! We are here to turn whatever creative AR solution ideas you may have in mind into an augmented reality (sorry).

        We create characters, graphics and microinteractions that are branded and attention-grabbing, giving your company a more significant presence within the digital realm. Augmented reality animation gives your company another marketing branch on which to establish itself. Let’s be honest, that’s exactly why we are talking about it!

        Agency Animation Support

        We previously worked with Dr Foster, a company that equips healthcare organisations to make better and faster decisions on the quality and value of connected healthcare provision. They asked us to create an animated demo video to highlight their new dashboard software created for healthcare organisations. 

        The video’s primary use would be at an upcoming event as an augmented reality component of a business card that would come straight out of the card. An augmented reality business card extends its reach past the real world using buttons or widgets to make your card so more than something that sits in somebody’s pocket. 

        To find out more about the project, and see the end result click here.

        Interested in using Augmented Reality?

        If you have any projects that you think would benefit from an element of augmented reality, maybe we can help? An AR addition can help to make a campaign more impactful, so why not get in touch to discuss your ideas and see how we might be able to bring your vision to life.

        To get in touch, email our friendly team at or give us a call on 0207 2886 319.

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        Climate Change Animation

        Climate Change Animation Introduction

        At this moment in time, there aren’t many conversation topics that are more pertinent than climate change. We’re letting the health of the planet decline at a startling rate, despite the fact that the issue is very real and on a global scale. But how can we get people, governments or corporations to listen to an issue that they won’t address, even as they stare down the barrel of the gun.

        If we had one all-encompassing answer for you then we would no doubt be considered world-famous for our methods of persuasion by now. However, we do know of one way to help outline the issues and remedies surrounding the matter of our deteriorating planet –  a climate change animation video.

        How A Climate Change Animation Can Help

        There is no one single remedy to halting the rampaging issue of climate change. However, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. We are all aware that change needs to happen to prevent the problem becoming too extreme to control. Yet so many are still reluctant to take the necessary measures. That’s where a climate change animation video can help visualise the issue and educate individuals.

        Animation is a medium that isn’t bound by anything other than your imagination. With it we can show people the brutal realities of their future, turn scientific stats into easy-to-understand facts and, most importantly, depict the value of taking action.

        If you are hosting an event in the interest of raising awareness (such as Glasgow’s COP26 event in 2021), or wish to show how your brand can help find a solution, animation can help condense the complexities into clips that reveal the core concepts and values in an engaging and educational manner.

        Bring The Issue (And The Solution) To Life

        We have all seen footage of receding ice caps, uncontrollable forest fires and stunning creatures sadly submitting to extinction. Unfortunately, while such hard hitting videos do promote empathy in viewers, the sad reality is that if this isn’t directly affecting those watching, they’re unlikely to take action.

        Animation can be a brilliant vehicle for bringing these issues to viewers’ doorsteps. When faced with the reality of how global warming is having an effect on their lives; people, businesses and governments are often more susceptible to adapting their lifestyle and provoking action.

        As much as animation is effective in the manner in which it outlines the issue at hand, it’s just as crucial to highlight the potential remedies for said issues. Take our work on the UNSSC, for example. Here, we created a series of isometric E-Learning Animations that seek to educate the employees within the UN on different modules within their RCO Learning Path.

        Visualise The Past, Present & Future

        Time travel hasn’t been invented (yet…) so it can be difficult to truly visualise what horrific repercussions the future could potentially hold for our planet. It’s all well and good throwing ominous stats at people, but the human brain has a penchant for the visual. In fact, 90% of information processed by the brain is visual.

        Therefore, presenting information in a manner that will appeal to this mutual characteristic of ours is a good way to attain and hold people’s attention. So, when outlining the severity of the situation, whether it be comparing the past with the present or the present with the future, why not consider using an animated report to help the vital points really latch on.

        Make Scientific Jargon Consumable

        While climate change is an issue that everyone has an opinion on, the reality is that the subject relies heavily on the expertise of world-renowned scientists. Without the countless hours of research that have been devoted to the matter, we would likely all be unaware that the ship we are all on was even sinking.

        With this reliance on science comes the issue of refining research and molding it into a format that can be understood by the masses. Climate change animation can bring research and statistics to life and portray it in a format that is appealing and absorbable for all.

        For our work with FACTDialogue, we produced an animation explaining what is currently happening to the worlds forests, the reasons for the deforestation that is currently occurring, and why the FACT Dialogue has been created in the lead up to the COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow.

        Show How You’re Making A Difference

        Whether you’re a big-time environmentalist or someone taking their first foray into the world of sustainability and climate change consciousness, it is good to show the good that your brand is doing. We are heading into an era where such considerations are becoming a necessity rather than an additional benefit. And rightly so!

        Outlining just how you carry out such measures adds a more genuine feel to your company and bolsters your brand story. Plus, 80% of internet users will watch a video compared to just 20% willing to read a page. Using an animated process video to show the ways through which you are caring for the planet will help educate your audience – whether it be individuals or entire businesses – and solidify your image as an environmentally-friendly brand.

        Let’s Get Started

        To learn more about what climate change animation video can provide and how we can work with your organisation to achieve your goals, you can get in touch with our team. You can email us at or call us on 0207 2886 319.

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          Product Animation

          Looking for a way to boost brand awareness and sales for your B2C company? Product animation may be the perfect way to help your brand and product stand out. The world of e-commerce is rife with endless competitors vying for a spot in the public eye, with each looking to differentiate themselves in innovative new ways.

          By promoting your product through the medium of animation, you will have the opportunity to present it in a unique manner that perfectly matches your brand vision. The available combination of options for how you present your product and the style of animation that you use are nothing short of limitless.

          Promote Your Product In Your Own Way

          One of the key benefits of utilising product animation is the limitless array of ways in which you can present your wears to the world. The creative freedom that goes hand in hand with animation allows you to truly match your original vision with your finalised video content. Regardless of what it is that you produce, it can be brought to life in a way that cannot be offered by live action shoots.

          Thanks to this, you can ensure that brand guidelines are adhered to from start to finish and that it is tailored to the exact purpose for which it was produced. Take this segment of social media animation that we created for famed premium Belgian beer brewers Leffe. They wanted to bring a new energy through the advertising of their new lager “La Légère”, which coincided with the slogan “Caractère et légèreté” – or “character and lightness”. Through a colourful swirl and spinning images of the freshly branded bottle, the animation was able to give the lager that necessary extra zip of character.

          Enlighten Your Audience

          Whether you are a new company in the industry or an established stalwart releasing a new idea, it is crucial that you show your audience what your product is about and why they will benefit from it. Animation allows you to condense important and interesting information into just a few minutes or even seconds of footage. Using formats such as stylish infographics or engaging explainer videos, product animation is a brilliant avenue for showing off your product’s greatest features in a slick and compelling manner.

          Take Your Product To New Places

          By adding an element of animation to your product marketing strategy, you can tamper with the boundaries of how your product is advertised overall. Want to display the different contexts in which your product can be used? Sure. Want graphics displaying all the benefits that your product offers? You’ve got it. Want to depict how your product would function on the surface of the moon? No problem. Product animation allows you to depict your brand’s creations how you want and where you want without restriction.

          Effectively Merge Branding And Product

          All successful brands seamlessly combine their products and branding. It is through this that the quality of your products fast becomes associated with your company and vice versa. Animation gives you the opportunity to do so in a literal sense. Implement your logo, company colour scheme and slogans into your video footage and associations between brand and product will soon be established.

          Another option is to implement brand characters, such as this project that we did with bespoke merchandise creators Shout. By incorporating their company mascot “Bob” into the still shots of Shout’s merchandising products, the logo quickly becomes linked with the services on offer.

          To learn more on how you can use product animation to benefit your company and how we can help to achieve your goals, get in touch with our team. You can email us at or call us on 0207 2886 319.

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            Our product animation blogs and case studies can be found below

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            Sport Animation

            Sport Animation Introduction

            Sport animation is a brilliant way of bringing new life to some of the world’s most popular – as well as its most obscure – sports. From events to branding to explainer videos, improve your sport brand’s performance through the use of animation.

            With the power of animation, you can turn up the hype for an event, appeal to a younger fanbase or provide a new perspective on a particular sporting activity. Options vary greatly in terms of both style and context. Recreate an entire sporting event in an eye-catching manner, retell a rags-to-riches success story or add animated elements to live action footage for that extra injection of pizazz. Using animation allows you to offer a new perspective through your view of the sporting world.

            What Are The Benefits Of Using Animation In Sport? 

            The array of different ways that you can utilise animation in the world of sporting activity are limited only by your imagination. You can bring sport to life in a way that is entirely different to using live action footage alone and, in the process, open your audience’s mind to a fresh outlook.

            Here at The Animation Guys, we specialise in relaying stories to viewers through a range of animation techniques. We endeavour to add colour and energy to the world of sport, bringing it to life and portraying its significance through a creative channel.

            Inspire The Next Generation

            Nothing inspires young sports fans like their idols’ backstories. To get a taste of the sheer determination and immeasurable passion that got them to the top is infectious and it adds an extra element of emotional value to the spectacle. Animation is notoriously influential with younger crowds, allowing you to hold their attention and invigorate their imagination more effectively.

            Animated videos also provide an exciting avenue through which sporting brands can portray events that were not actually caught on video. Take this project that we did with the BBC for example. By using animation we were able to bring life to British boxer Caroline Dubois’ incredible story and help viewers visualise the ups and downs that she faced on her path to the Olympics.

            Create Hype For The Big Event

            Using animation in sport is the perfect way to make your next big event different and more memorable in front of your target audience. Thanks to unique styles, standout colour schemes and limitless possibilities, animation is a creative means of grabbing attention when advertising the next big match, tournament or event. Entirely adaptable and easily personalised, using animation to market a sporting event allows you to portray it in whatever manner you choose and stringently adhere to branding.

            A Vehicle For Explanation

            Animation is frequently used as a means of explaining everything from complex technical concepts to health and safety rules. It can be an effective means of adding excitement to content that would otherwise have to be presented in a drawl of text. It also allows you to cover pages of information in mere seconds, helping to effectively condense information. Thanks to this, animation is a brilliant vehicle for explaining sports to others. Whether it be introducing budding sports fans to the basics or elaborating on new concepts to a stalwart fanbase.

            Take Your Branding To The Next Level

            Sports branding is a notoriously competitive market, with frequent videos of all the biggest stars donning the most hi-tech gear on the market showing up on screens, magazines and billboards across the planet. Due to this, unless they can afford to sponsor the biggest stars on the planet, sports brands need to think outside the box if they are to differentiate themselves from the competition. This is where sports brand animation comes in.

            Explain the intricacies of your product in incredible detail, whilst keeping the information intriguing and digestible. Whether through sleek infographics or animated sequences, using animation for your sports brand will help engage your audience in a different way.

            To learn more about the world of sport animation and how we can work with your organisation to achieve your goals, you can get in touch with our team. You can email us at or call us on 0207 2886 319.

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              Brand Animation

              Through a brand animation video, you can convey your business’s ethos, values, services and products. Like killing 10 birds with one stone (figuratively, obviously), it’s a sure-fire way of ensuring your company’s branding and reputation is on point.


              “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Whatever your thoughts are on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, his take on branding encapsulates perfectly its importance in the world of business.The way a company brands itself plays a major role in determining its reputation. And, as everyone knows, reputation is everything. 

              Through the right branding you can ultimately establish an identity that sets you apart from your competitors and spark a connection with your customers. However, this is easier said than done. Branding is a fine art and getting it right can be tricky, as it requires creativity, skill, strategy and time. This is where a brand animation can prove invaluable.

              What exactly is brand animation?

              A brand animation is a piece of animated content that explains the values of your business, the work you do, or the intricacies of the sector you are in. Whether it’s a video outlining the different services you provide, or a character animation that brings your product to life, a brand animation injects energy and a new dynamic to your messaging that enhances your overall branding. 

              Check out our case studies to understand the power of brand animation, and see how we have helped world-renowned brands tell their story through this medium. 

              The benefits of brand animation 

              In the transient age of social media, producing visual, engaging, content that appeals to people on a personal level, is essential if you want to cut through the noise and stand out from the crowd. This is supported by a recent study that estimated that viewers retain 95% of a message they learn through video as opposed to only 10% when they read it in written text form. It is therefore vital for businesses who want their brand messaging to get heard that they produce engaging video content that hooks the viewer. A brand animation will do just that.

              One of the major benefits of animated videos is that they can bring concepts to life in a way that text or live videos can’t. For example, imagine you’re a charity that is looking to articulate to the public what you stand for and what you are trying to achieve in order to gain their support. Merely presenting to the viewer a number of written stats is unlikely to generate the engagement you require. If you instead produce an animated video (that could even include a storyline and animated character) you are more likely to capture the attention of the viewer and connect with them on a personal level. They will then have a better understanding of your brand and be more receptive to what you have to say.   

              Brand animation is also highly beneficial from a business efficiency standpoint. A truly successful website is one that answers all customer / stakeholder queries and addresses their concerns, whilst also sharing all product /service features and benefits. Getting this all on a website in a way that is easy for the user to find can prove an almost impossible task (no one likes a super-long FAQs page). A brand animation will give you all of these within one short, engaging video. Not only is this cost effective, it might save your eardrums from the barrage of customer questions.

              Big Brand Animated Social Media Posts

              Why choose the Animation Guys for brand animation?

              At The Animation Guys we understand the incredible power of branding and recognise the great responsibility that comes with creating a brand animation. Having created branded animation videos for top brands such as Leffe, Crisis and Absolut, we have the expertise and experience to create an animated video truly befitting of the message your business is trying to get across. In bringing your vision to life we will use our wisdom to implement the finer details, such as style and tone, that will make all the difference in making your animation engaging to your target market.  

              We’d love to help your business get its message across through the right branding. Let’s discuss your objectives and share some ideas about how to harness the power of brand animation!

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              Software Animation


              Microinteractions are magical little moments that happen when you’re using a website, app or social media channel. If they’re implemented well, you might not even notice them, but they’ll often enhance your user experience.

              Examples of Microinteractions

              • The little progress bar that shows how your download or site loading is going
              • A swipe action to clear a message or notification
              • The scroll bar on the right-hand side of a web page when you move your mouse
              • An emoji on a social media channel

              Microinteractions are powerful because they give something back to the user. This builds engagement and creates a feeling of personalisation and interactivity with the experience. 

              Most importantly though, they add a dose of fun to any project or experience that you are engaging with.

              Speed and Performance

              Microinteractions can do a lot more than engage users, and in some cases can actually enhance the speed and performance of an application.
              For example, lazy loading is a well known way to improve the performance of a website because the content loads in phases, rather than all upfront. So the user doesn’t need to wait for the entire page to load before they can start using it. Microinteractions in this case can take many forms, like buffering icons or pop-up notifications explaining to the user that the rest of the content or images will load soon.
              This builds trust in the site and also makes the user feel as though the makers of the site or app care about them, the user. So, they’re more likely to return to it in the future.

              You’ve got the power

              The best kind of user experience is one that gives users some control. Microinteractions are a dynamic way to give the user a sense of power if they’re able to influence what happens next.

              Drag and drop is a cool way of allowing users to influence where they want content to be placed. Customisable dashboards often include simple icons that explain how users can move chunks of content around. Little hints and tips can pop up at various stages of the journey using animations instead of boring text guides.

              Remember the annoying animated paperclip that used to pop up on Microsoft Word and ask if you wanted help? This was probably one of the earliest examples of microinteraction …fortunately they’ve come a long way since then!

              Keep it interesting

              Attention spans are at an all-time low as people are bombarded with digital technology in a myriad of forms.

              Microinteractions are effective as a way of keeping users interested and engaged, especially whilst waiting for something to happen. If a user needs to wait a little while for your content to load, why not present them with something cool to look at while they wait?

              A little animation that makes users smile is a welcome distraction from the unimaginable pain of waiting a few seconds for a web page to load. We’re all glued to our phones these days, so if your user’s experience breaks even for a few seconds whilst content loads, you’ll need to keep them hooked with something interesting if you want to prevent them from leaving your site and going elsewhere.

              Software Animation
              Animated Demo Video

              Error states

              Another way in which microinteractions can enhance the user experience is when they’re used to show errors. Instead of showing an error page or simply freezing the process if the user makes a mistake, microinteractions uses colours, animation and movement to indicate to the user that something isn’t quite right.

              When you enter the password incorrectly on your mobile phone, you’ll often see the buttons turn red or the screen shudder in frustration at your gross incompetence (just kidding, we all know those buttons are hard to hit every time!)

              These microinteractions give you visual feedback in a positive and playful way.

              What do we know about Microinteractions?

              At The Animation Guys, we know a lot about how to use animation and motion graphics to create an engaging and powerful experience for end users. We specialise in creating bespoke animated videos, and have extensive experience across multiple industries, channels and client types.

              We think that any animation, from the smallest interaction to massive scale animation projects, can do wonders for your brand. This is why we’re constantly learning about new and game-changing innovations in the animation space.

              Take a look at some of our past work to get a feel for what we do and how we use animation to bring our clients’ visions to life. Or have a look at some of these top 10 microinteractions that can inspire your future project.

              Get in touch to find out how microinteractions can improve the performance metrics on your website or app and delight users in the process!

              Time To Transform Your User Journey

              Being a specialist in enhancing your customer’s experience with your product, we have learnt how to get the most from your animation. We can work with you to ensure the design is clear, concise and on brand. You can also get in contact with us to talk through your creative vision. We are here to help you tell your story.

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                Animation Process Video

                Animated Process Video

                This lesser known type of animated video has become more and more popular in recent years. With organisations looking to efficiently onboard their clients and explain their process and way of working it has become a vital accessory to enhancing branding and working more effectively.

                An Introduction To A New Type Of Video…

                At the Animation Guys we like to make sure the types of videos we produce fit precisely what our clients need. And over the years we noticed a growing trend towards a certain type of video. That’s why we coined the term ‘Animated Process Video’.

                An animated process video is very similar to the more commonly known ‘Explainer Video’. However, the key difference is that an animated process video more accurately depicts many of the projects we have worked on recently where a B2B client wants to explain a process or way of working rather than introducing a problem and then solving it with a product/service – which is more typically the role of an explainer video. 

                Visualising The Process

                One of Animation’s great strengths is how it can convey complex messages in a clear, concise and easy-to-understand formula. For explaining a process, this is ideal. For B2B companies in particular an animated process video gives you a chance to turn a potentially static difficult to absorb set of instructions into a fluid and engaging concept that users truly understand. For explaining your working style, set of instructions or next steps, an animated video helps your audience visualise the process, making it easier to understand.

                A Process Video In Motion

                Picture the scene, you’re a large company that has just signed a new client and want to clearly and easily explain how you work, the next steps and what they should expect. Rather than sending over a large document or the classic slide deck with next steps, what if you were to send a video? Not only is this a quicker way of conveying your process but it’s also a far more stimulating way for people to absorb this information. It also has the benefit of visually showing how certain elements of your product/service works to help the user achieve a greater level of understanding. 

                Optimise Your Onboarding Process

                A key reason for considering an animated process video is to enhance your client onboarding experience. Not only does this type of video help simplify the process and improve a user’s understanding of how your company works, it also clearly enhances your branding and credibility in the client’s eyes. But, it’s not just the client’s perception that is the main positive here. The key thing that an animated process does in helping with the onboarding process is save you time. It saves needless meetings, email communications and the sending of various documentation to clients and then follow ups to ensure they have made the time to read it. It also, if produced effectively, should reduce or eliminate questions or misunderstanding from clients. Again, this helps you be more efficient and use up less time.

                An Example Of A Process Video

                Working with Build Aviator who specialise in providing services to help clients build intelligently throughout each stage of the building process – we produced an animated process video.  The video was designed to work through each stage of their process and provide clear communication plus help answer any questions regarding the way in which their service works. To make the video multidimensional we made sure to design it in both portrait and square format so it could be used on social media platforms to increase engagement and enhance its use within the marketing funnel. 

                Interested In An Animated Process Video?

                If you would like to learn more about how an animated process video could help your company then we’d love to hear from you. You can call our team on 0207 2886 319 or email us at

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