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Microinteractions are magical little moments that happen when you’re using a website, app or social media channel. If they’re implemented well, you might not even notice them, but they’ll often enhance your user experience.

Examples of Microinteractions

  • The little progress bar that shows how your download or site loading is going
  • A swipe action to clear a message or notification
  • The scroll bar on the right-hand side of a web page when you move your mouse
  • An emoji on a social media channel

Microinteractions are powerful because they give something back to the user. This builds engagement and creates a feeling of personalisation and interactivity with the experience. 

Most importantly though, they add a dose of fun to any project or experience that you are engaging with.

Speed and Performance

Microinteractions can do a lot more than engage users, and in some cases can actually enhance the speed and performance of an application.
For example, lazy loading is a well known way to improve the performance of a website because the content loads in phases, rather than all upfront. So the user doesn’t need to wait for the entire page to load before they can start using it. Microinteractions in this case can take many forms, like buffering icons or pop-up notifications explaining to the user that the rest of the content or images will load soon.
This builds trust in the site and also makes the user feel as though the makers of the site or app care about them, the user. So, they’re more likely to return to it in the future.

You’ve got the power

The best kind of user experience is one that gives users some control. Microinteractions are a dynamic way to give the user a sense of power if they’re able to influence what happens next.

Drag and drop is a cool way of allowing users to influence where they want content to be placed. Customisable dashboards often include simple icons that explain how users can move chunks of content around. Little hints and tips can pop up at various stages of the journey using animations instead of boring text guides.

Remember the annoying animated paperclip that used to pop up on Microsoft Word and ask if you wanted help? This was probably one of the earliest examples of microinteraction …fortunately they’ve come a long way since then!

Keep it interesting

Attention spans are at an all-time low as people are bombarded with digital technology in a myriad of forms.

Microinteractions are effective as a way of keeping users interested and engaged, especially whilst waiting for something to happen. If a user needs to wait a little while for your content to load, why not present them with something cool to look at while they wait?

A little animation that makes users smile is a welcome distraction from the unimaginable pain of waiting a few seconds for a web page to load. We’re all glued to our phones these days, so if your user’s experience breaks even for a few seconds whilst content loads, you’ll need to keep them hooked with something interesting if you want to prevent them from leaving your site and going elsewhere.

Software Animation
Animated Demo Video

Error states

Another way in which microinteractions can enhance the user experience is when they’re used to show errors. Instead of showing an error page or simply freezing the process if the user makes a mistake, microinteractions uses colours, animation and movement to indicate to the user that something isn’t quite right.

When you enter the password incorrectly on your mobile phone, you’ll often see the buttons turn red or the screen shudder in frustration at your gross incompetence (just kidding, we all know those buttons are hard to hit every time!)

These microinteractions give you visual feedback in a positive and playful way.

What do we know about Microinteractions?

At The Animation Guys, we know a lot about how to use animation and motion graphics to create an engaging and powerful experience for end users. We specialise in creating bespoke animated videos, and have extensive experience across multiple industries, channels and client types.

We think that any animation, from the smallest interaction to massive scale animation projects, can do wonders for your brand. This is why we’re constantly learning about new and game-changing innovations in the animation space.

Take a look at some of our past work to get a feel for what we do and how we use animation to bring our clients’ visions to life. Or have a look at some of these top 10 microinteractions that can inspire your future project.

Get in touch to find out how microinteractions can improve the performance metrics on your website or app and delight users in the process!

Time To Transform Your User Journey

Being a specialist in enhancing your customer’s experience with your product, we have learnt how to get the most from your animation. We can work with you to ensure the design is clear, concise and on brand. You can also get in contact with us to talk through your creative vision. We are here to help you tell your story.

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    Animation Process Video

    Animated Process Video

    This lesser known type of animated video has become more and more popular in recent years. With organisations looking to efficiently onboard their clients and explain their process and way of working it has become a vital accessory to enhancing branding and working more effectively.

    An Introduction To A New Type Of Video…

    At the Animation Guys we like to make sure the types of videos we produce fit precisely what our clients need. And over the years we noticed a growing trend towards a certain type of video. That’s why we coined the term ‘Animated Process Video’.

    An animated process video is very similar to the more commonly known ‘Explainer Video’. However, the key difference is that an animated process video more accurately depicts many of the projects we have worked on recently where a B2B client wants to explain a process or way of working rather than introducing a problem and then solving it with a product/service – which is more typically the role of an explainer video. 

    Visualising The Process

    One of Animation’s great strengths is how it can convey complex messages in a clear, concise and easy-to-understand formula. For explaining a process, this is ideal. For B2B companies in particular an animated process video gives you a chance to turn a potentially static difficult to absorb set of instructions into a fluid and engaging concept that users truly understand. For explaining your working style, set of instructions or next steps, an animated video helps your audience visualise the process, making it easier to understand.

    A Process Video In Motion

    Picture the scene, you’re a large company that has just signed a new client and want to clearly and easily explain how you work, the next steps and what they should expect. Rather than sending over a large document or the classic slide deck with next steps, what if you were to send a video? Not only is this a quicker way of conveying your process but it’s also a far more stimulating way for people to absorb this information. It also has the benefit of visually showing how certain elements of your product/service works to help the user achieve a greater level of understanding. 

    Optimise Your Onboarding Process

    A key reason for considering an animated process video is to enhance your client onboarding experience. Not only does this type of video help simplify the process and improve a user’s understanding of how your company works, it also clearly enhances your branding and credibility in the client’s eyes. But, it’s not just the client’s perception that is the main positive here. The key thing that an animated process does in helping with the onboarding process is save you time. It saves needless meetings, email communications and the sending of various documentation to clients and then follow ups to ensure they have made the time to read it. It also, if produced effectively, should reduce or eliminate questions or misunderstanding from clients. Again, this helps you be more efficient and use up less time.

    An Example Of A Process Video

    Working with Build Aviator who specialise in providing services to help clients build intelligently throughout each stage of the building process – we produced an animated process video.  The video was designed to work through each stage of their process and provide clear communication plus help answer any questions regarding the way in which their service works. To make the video multidimensional we made sure to design it in both portrait and square format so it could be used on social media platforms to increase engagement and enhance its use within the marketing funnel. 

    Interested In An Animated Process Video?

    If you would like to learn more about how an animated process video could help your company then we’d love to hear from you. You can call our team on 0207 2886 319 or email us at

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    Animated Sales Video

    Animated Sales Video

    An Introduction To Animated Sales Videos

    Need a simple way to illustrate what your company does or to launch your latest product? Fancy maximising your sales funnel to its full potential? Then the solution to your problem may well be an animated sales video. Animated sales videos can eradicate confusion and simplify methods in which you can drive customer engagement and trust to achieve stronger buy in from your target audience.

    If we think back to our childhoods, some of our fondest memories are animated cartoons. Cartoons are a great psychological tool at appealing to people, they are fun, captivating, and colourful. The visuals appeal to the human brain and senses in ways no other methods truly can; making use of both sound and sight to appeal to the intended audience. Quite simply, animation offers a simple and effective way in which to communicate with your target audience, leaving a lasting impact. They also have the advantage of allowing viewers to be immersed into the story, providing a softer but more impactful focus on the highlighted product.

    Why Use Animation In Your Sales Process?

    People do not always appreciate a sales pitch or blatant promotion, an animated sales video allows you to introduce your product or service in a more unobtrusive manner. Video is a powerful narrative form where you can immediately grab a viewers attention and induce their interest. An engaging video can contain more value than any other kind of content, so it is vital to maximise this opportunity. The digital world is currently over-saturated with repeated text and visuals, animation can make a refreshing change and help a company or product stand out. You can also utilise the power of animation to give inanimate objects a voice or a personality, bringing them to life.

    Animated videos are also cost effective and much cheaper to produce than live action videos while also being less hassle to maintain. When creating a live action video there is a lot to consider – not limited to location, actors, scheduling, and production. These aspects can all be rather time consuming and costly; reliant on a multitude or variables. With animated sales videos you can edit them right until the last minute and have a longer life cycle as they are able to be easily updated or amended as your product/service evolves. All you have to concern yourself with is creative content, the rest is left to us.

    A Working Example

    Below you can see an example of an animated sales video that we produced for Royal London. Royal London is a company that often embraces their heritage and Britishness and we managed to capture the allure and aesthetic of a Victorian themed puppet theatre in a charming manner. It is a method that works well on TV and provokes engagement and sticks out in people’s minds. You may well have seen it yourself and remember it!?

    To create the video we worked on the Victorian aesthetic and combined it with Royal London’s brand through vivid imagery. The result was a well-struck balance between the two concepts. This animated TV video aired on over 100 TV channels and remained in circulation around the UK for some time.

    To learn more animated sales videos and how they could be a fit for your business please get in touch. Our team relishes the chance to discuss a new project and can discuss creative ways in which to present your concept and help drive your sales promotion. You can call us on 0207 2886 319 or email the team at

    Check out our Animated Sales Videos

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    Food and Drink Animation

    Animated Adverts

    Animated adverts are more than just TV advertising...

    The Simpsons, Family Guy, Scooby-Doo, Spongebob Squarepants and South Park; five of the most iconic TV programmes of all time. What do they all have in common? They are all animated. Classic animated TV programmes have been  on our screens for years as well as iconic animated TV adverts. We all grew up watching Tony the Tiger encourage us to eat Frosties, and in the last 10 years you’ve probably been tempted to visit because of an animated meerkat, Orlov! It’s no secret that animation has played an integral role in traditional TV entertainment and advertising down the years. What you may not know however, is that now, in the digital age, animated adverts stretch far beyond these traditional platforms. Animated adverts can be used in a multitude of different ways from outdoor advertising to online pay per click models.

    Why Choose Animated Adverts?

    Animated Adverts

    The main benefit of animated adverts is that they convey key messages in a captivating yet concise manner.An animation allows your creativity to run wild and you can create scenarios and themes that wow your audience and showcase your brand’s key messages or features.

    Bring Your Brand To Life

    Making An Animated TV Advert

    Animation brings your company, product or service to life. Visualising your offering in a 2D or 3D format injects energy and a new dynamic to your messaging that enhances your overall branding. Another positive of using animated adverts is their ability to underpin and strengthen your brand guidelines. Having worked with global brands such as Coca-Cola & Absolut we are well aware of the importance of embodying strict brand guidelines and will work with you to ensure your animated advert mirrors your core brand. 

    Use Character Driven Animation In Your Animated Advert

    Animated characters are commonly used in animated adverts as they add depth and personality to an advertiser’s messaging. At The Animation Guys, character driven animation is somewhat of a speciality for us. In fact we’re rather snobby about it! We are proud to have worked with a number of companies across the world, helping them develop animated characters that add a new dimension to their brand whilst complimenting their adverts overall goal.

    In the below example we worked with Network For Animals on a character led story designed to help them raise awareness of their cause. The use of an animated character was used to underpin their key messages and allow audiences to make a closer connection with the charities mission statement. 

    Faster & More Cost Effective Than Filming Shoots

    A cheeky benefit of an animated advert is the fact that it can create unique situations and creative visions that are often too expensive or simply not achievable through filming. Also, once complete an animation can be easily changed and amended and simply re-worked at a much cheaper cost than needing to re-film. Animation is also a much more time efficient way of producing a campaign. Work can begin immediately and snippets can be drip fed through for use on your social media campaigns or to show to key stakeholders as the project progresses.

    Types of Animated Adverts

    PPC Campaigns

    Animated adverts for display advertising can be a fantastic way to grab a users attention. Help improve your campaign click through rates and add a new dimension to your advertising campaign.

    Social Media Ads

    Social Media Animation

    Whether it’s for a paid social media campaign or for organic content purposes, an animated advert works wonders on social media platforms as it engages the audience and helps them pay attention for longer.

    Tube Advertising

    Animated Tube Advertising

    As the tube moves into a digital age it becomes an increasingly interesting opportunity for targeting high value commuters to your brand. An animated advert will blow their socks off and cause them to drop their precious flat white coffee to the ground if it has the right impact.

    TV Adverts

    Animated TV Adverts

    The old classic that is still as impactful as ever. Showcase your brand on a national scale with a highly engaging and memorable animated TV advert. 

    Visual Displays

    With more and more LED screens popping up, there are infinite possibilities as to how you can use animation to showcase your brand. From airline seats to shop windows you can use animation to enhance your brand’s image.

    Interested In An Animated Advert?

    If you have an advertising campaign or key message you want to convey, maybe we can help? We’ve worked with a variety of different organisations from conception to delivery, working closely with them to pin down key messages and discuss ways in which we can use our skills to make the campaign most impactful. To contact us you can email or call us on 0207 2886 319.

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    Animated Report

    Animated Report

    An animated report will revolutionise the way you present data...

    We’ve all been there. Sat in a two hour meeting watching slides be clicked and clicked and clicked and clicked as they fade on by. Your eyes are tactically focused on the slides but your brain is drifting away, teasing you with thoughts of a weekend BBQ and fun with friends. Whilst the fictitious smell of grilled halloumi and a cold beer cloud your thoughts, the 16% load factor increase and commitment to offsetting 4% of bond yields become more difficult to absorb.

    This is where the power of animation makes all the difference.

    The idea of an animated report is to tell a story and package up key messaging, numbers and overall sentiment into an easy to absorb animated story. From an end of year annual review to a research report, using animation allows your findings and data to be presented in a clear, fluid and concise manner that keeps viewers captivated and makes potentially complex messages more easily digestible.

    Speed Up Without Losing Focus

    A key benefit of an animated report is the ability to showcase numbers and key messages in a shorter space of time. Compared with a more traditional slideshow or paper document, an animated report condenses data into a much more concise format that packs the punch of your key messages without cutting any corners. In this sustainability animation we worked on for the BDC,  the aim was to convey key information about their sustainability efforts in a short yet enticing video format. As you can see the video is just over 1 minute long, but is able to deliver as many as eight stats/key messages without feeling rushed or overwhelming.

    Wow Your Audience

    Impressing your audience is the end goal of any report and an animated report will do just that. If the report’s aim is to deliver a groundbreaking piece of research or to try and win over key stakeholders, animation can empower your key messaging and lure in your captive audience. From working with multiple clients on their first animated reports, we often hear that their key challenges are finding innovative ways to showcase the fantastic work that they are doing to key stakeholders. This holds true for many in the education and charity sectors that do awe inspiring work, but are often challenged with how to present their impressive achievements to supporters and stakeholders. 

    If you’re not sure how your report would translate to an animation then give us a call. Our animation team will relish the challenge of talking with you about your project.

    Enhance Your Branding

    An animated report allows your brand to visually depict itself in a positive light whilst reinforcing core brand values. It can be themed to match your brand guidelines and include colours, logos, fonts or soundbites that are used to underpin key messages contained within the report. In a project we worked on with the Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council, we were presented with the challenge of working with one of the world’s most identifiable brands. Working closely with CCRRC we took time to understand their requirements and knew that attention to detail would be key to ensuring the project was delivered successfully. The overall result? Take a look and let us know what you think.

    Ready To Report?

    To breathe some life into your reporting we strongly believe in the power of an animated report. From saving you time to massively increasing audience engagement, animation can improve your processes and deliver stunning visuals designed to reinforce key takeaways. To learn more about our process we recommend getting in touch. We’d love to learn about your ideas and can discuss thoughts and recommendations for how to approach the project. To get in touch you can call us on  0207 2886 319 or email us at

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    Explore one of our Animated Reports

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    animated shorts

    Social Media Animation

    Social Media Animation

    Social media has boomed over the past decade. It has now become an essential piece in the marketing puzzle and helped some businesses build up bigger followings than most magazines or TV channels. Of the top 20 most popular websites on the internet, six of them are social media sites. We are communicating digitally and remotely more than ever before & staying relevant online is the new uphill struggle businesses are continually facing.

    But how do you build a strong following? And with so many people posting content on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, how do you cut through the noise? The answer to the first question is engaging content. The answer to the second is through a social media animation.

    An social media animation video is designed to live on social channels. This means short, sharp bursts of content that grab people’s attention as they scroll through their feed. Anyone can post up an image or a few lines of text, but very few can post a high-quality piece of animated video. By creating content that most people can’t, brands and businesses can cut through the noise in many ways.

    The Benefits Of Animation

    One of the simplest, yet the one that usually sees the most uses is a social media edit of your Animated Video. In this project for GovGrant, once the video was complete, we went back through and created multiple social media snippets and one of these was a 30-second edit of the full video. This meant capturing key messages and scenes to condense a 1-2 minute video for a different audience & platform. As you can also see, close captioning was added onto the video. This is because almost 80% of all online video on social media is watched first without sound.
    Below you can watch a social media snippet created from the final video that will be used in targeted marketing campaigns. You can also watch the full video to get an idea of how the difference once It is shortened.

    Why Animation Works So Well

    As well as grabbing attention, video content can also make social media messages more memorable. The human brain finds it much easier to compute visuals than text, so a video is processed more effortlessly (and in less time) than any other form. That means audiences are more likely to engage with a social media video than they would with a static image or text update.

    This project we completed with Absolut is a clear example of that. We were tasked with creating a compelling and engaging social media marketing campaign that would appeal to young adults across major cities in the UK and present alternative and safe ways to get home in the (often boozy) lead up to Christmas. It was highly successful and shows the power animation can have on social media.

    Absolut campaign outside bar
    Absolut campaign roman kemp

    Repurposing your content

    When you have invested in video as a medium for your marketing, it helps to get the most out of it that you can. This can mean tailoring your content to the platform it’s on. Some spaces where your video will be viewed, may have a different audience. This is where a social media snippet from the full video can give people a flavour and entice them to find out more and watch the full video. Ordinarily, these people may have passed over a longer video. This project with Akixi was one that where we repurposed their video. Created from the final animation were a selection of shorter snippets that helped to extract & illustrate key messages they wanted to focus on.

    Connecting With The Customer

    Social Media is highly successful when you can create something to stand out above the noise. This can come in many forms. You could create something highly entertaining and funny that gets shared and potentially goes viral. However, this is just one direction. The main aim for businesses is connecting with their customers. This, in turn, helps you stay at the front of their minds. One great way to do this is creating purpose made content for social media. This doesn’t have to come in the form of a huge big budget marketing campaign. It can be as simple as making something interesting for the company that can be used again and again. One such project was this 3D Rubix Cube we created for Build Aviator. We had already created a variety of different videos for them, but this time they were looking for something different that helps them to stand out.

    Below are examples of previous videos we have created for Build Aviator that can also be used in conjunction with other content to connect their social media presence.

    Social Media Platforms


    Instagram is a visual platform where square videos can be very popular.

    Instagram is also a platform where repurposing content into a portrait format works perfectly for posting on your company Instagram story.

    Videos can be created to be posted straight onto your company social media where they will garner attention.

    They can also be created in a square format to be used in Instagram advertising campaigns.

    Example Instagram Story For Crisis


    LinkedIn has seen a rapid increase in the popularity of its video posts.

    Posts on Linkedin works well with full videos.

    Shorter edits can be made to use in direct advertising campaigns in LinkedIn’s inbuilt tools.

    LinkedIn is great for connecting with the right people. Using the power of animation when you find the right people can have amazing returns.

    Example LinkedIn Videos for GovGrant


    Facebook video has had a lot of rise and falls over the past few years.

    Due to Facebook being connected to so much of the internet, your business presence on there has both a front end impact on what people see, but it also works as an anchor to direct people to your work.

    The larger presence you can have on more sites, the better your internet traffic will be.

    Absolut campaign results snapshot

    Statistics From Absolute Social Media Campaign


    Twitter videos are regularly shared around across the platform.

    Many businesses have seen a large increase in the value of using twitter and video.

    Being able to have direct contact with your consumers increases brand awareness & a catchy animation will be shared to others.

    Shorter videos tend to be more popular so consider creating a shorter video that will lead people to your site.

    Example Twitter Video For Akixi

    Get the most out of your online marketing

    Whether you’re looking to repurpose content or create something completely new, animated social media content is proven to work. Think social media videos could help your business? Take a look at some of our work below and get in touch.

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      Our social media blogs and case studies can be found below

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      Education Animation

      Education Animation

      Animation in education is growing increasingly popular as schools, colleges and universities begin to harness its infinite potential. From showcasing complex projects and research findings to showing off your institution to potential students, staff and stakeholders, animation in education can do it all.

      What Can Animation In Education Achieve?

      A better question would be, ‘what can’t animation in education achieve’!? And the answer is, ‘nothing’! As a bespoke video production agency, there is no limit to what we can create for your school or higher education environment. So, if you have an idea, a challenge, an opportunity or a vision, we can help you bring it to life through the power of animation.

      As experts in the field of animation in education, we can help you choose the best animation style, design format, storyline and online channels to get your video seen by the right people

      Is Animation Right For Education?

      Animation in education is ideal because it lends itself so well to various ages and audiences. For EYFS pupils, schools can use animation to replicate the sense of wonder and natural curiosity that young people possess.

      Older children and teenagers will respond to animation thanks to its cool tech appeal and escapism from the ordinary into a world of extraordinary possibilities. Schools can also use animation in education to convey concepts and ideas to external stakeholders, board members and parents.

      Universities tend to benefit from animation that’s slick, relatable and aspirational – it’s the perfect medium for inspiring future leaders and explaining

      Inspire Creativity & Drive Focus

      Animation as a learning tool has the potential to ignite creativity and open new avenues for students in the promotion of arts and animation. It also allows students to think differently about a potential subject matter and approach it from a new and more visual perspective than other educational tools would allow. Animation can also have a positive impact on increasing students focus and engagement in a topic compared with more traditional learning methods. Videos tend to be fast paced, informative and are designed with the focus of helping people absorb key information that otherwise might be more difficult to convey.

      Where To Begin With An Education Animation?

      If you’re exploring animation in education, it’s key to understand your audience and the message you’re trying to convey. A strong concept, cohesive storyline, clear message and strong call to action are the foundation – the animation brings it all to life.

      Whenever we take on new projects, we’ll begin with a remote or face-to-face chat about your objectives, audience and ideal outcomes. We’ll then put together some concepts for you to review and  build a bespoke quote based on your budget. Then, the magic begins. We’ll create a storyboard that will become your animation. This is a really exciting process and we’ll keep you informed throughout the process so you know what to expect!

      Bring Research Projects To Life

      We regularly talk to and work with Universities that are keen to bring their funded research projects to life via the medium of animation. With one of the main benefits of animation being the ability to engage audiences and display potentially difficult to absorb information, it often works exceptionally well when looking to summarise findings.

      How To Present Data

      Making The Grade

      Animation in education relies on using the right channels to showcase your animation video. Social media, email and your own website are all valuable channels that your animation might call home. But it’s important that you do some research to understand the channels your audience uses so your video gets the right traction – this is something we can help with. We’ll also help you include analytics tracking so you can measure how your video performs.

      If you’re keen to find out more about animation in education, get in touch! We’d love to find out about your school or university and discuss how we can help you achieve your goals through animation.

      Our education animation blogs and case studies can be seen below

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      Character Animation

      Character Animation

      Orlov the meerkat, Ronald McDonald, Tony the Tiger.

      They’re all animated characters that are instantly recognisable and induce memories of the adverts they have starred in and thoughts about the brands they represent. The practise of creating an animated character to represent a product, brand or service is known as character-driven animation. It is a form of marketing that can be just as effective as a live spokesperson when trying to convey a message to your audience.

      Why include a character in your video?

      Businesses and brands ultimately include animated characters in their videos as it gives them a form of identity. If implemented properly, people will begin to associate a business or brand with the animated character they have created. The highly recognisable and popular ‘Compare the Market’ meerkat, Orlov, is the perfect example of this. Orlov is synonymous with the ‘Compare the Market’ brand and is arguably now better known!

      Stand out

      Including a character animation in a video will also help it stand out from other videos and ensure the viewer finds it memorable. Animated characters can be given traits and characteristics that target a particular audience and support the overall message you are trying to get across. For example, Tony the Tiger, synonymous with Kellogg’s ‘Frosties’ for nearly 70 years, has always been portrayed as a friendly, lovable character, interested in helping children strive to reach their full potential. This has helped Frosties adverts remain ever-popular with generations of children.

      Build a storyline

      The beauty of using an animated character in video advertisements is that an impressive story-line can be woven around them across many videos. Character animation will also enhance the effect and impression of a story. An audience can quickly become emotionally attached to an animated character (look at Edgar the dragon in the latest John Lewis Christmas advert). This could lead to conversations and shares on social networking sites, invoking a sense of community around your brand.

      Character Driven Animation at The Animation Guys

      At The Animation Guys we recognise the great responsibility that comes with creating an animated character for either entertainment or branding purposes. What a character looks like and how they come across can determine whether your video is a success or not. Between them our incredible team of 2D and 3D designers have years of experience creating memorable animated characters for brand videos. Using their expertise and the latest animation techniques they will work with you to create an animated character that reflects the ethos of your brand and message you are trying to convey. That perfect idea of what you want your character to look like… they can bring it to life on the screen!

      Over the years we have worked with a number of top brands to deliver amazing character driven animations. We’ve produced an educational animation for the NHS, an animation for the charity ‘Network for Animals’ and a ‘Monty the Dog’ explainer video, just to name a few. Below you can see some other examples of other character animation videos we have produced. 

      Network For Animals Animation

      Working closely with Network For Animals we created a character-led story that highlights the importance of kindness and seeks to change perceptions about the treatment of animals.

      ‘Monty The Dog’ Explainer Video

      Meet Monty the Dog! MSH@Home had this adorable canine brand mascot that we had the pleasure of turning into an animation around an important cause.

      Jane Explain

      Our very own mascot Jane Explain! Jane is an animated character that we use throughout our process that helps people understand why they should consider an animation video to help explain difficult to grasp concepts!

      Using characters in your marketing efforts has a positive impact. If character animation is something that interests you, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

      Check out our Character Animation Portfolio

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      Health and Safety Animation Agency

      Health & Safety Animation

      Health & Safety Animation Introduction

      Health & Safety is a key topic that affects all levels of society, whether that be businesses & their employees or the general public & everyone in-between. Animation is perfect for this job and has become the go-to for business safety across the globe. This is because complicated ideas can be clearly and easily explained through the medium of animation & video. And, as a bonus, they’re fun to watch! Whether it’s iconography, infographics, stylised recreations of situations or full-blown character animation. Your message will be clear and your employees will be well trained, informed and ultimately safe!

      The Benefits Of Animation

      Health & Safety animations are important because they allow you to explore dangerous scenarios & complicated topics, whilst still delivering a professional and engaging branded result. We understand that delivering effective health & safety videos is a serious matter for businesses and governments. Yet, you can have fun with them. This could be putting characters in different situations or showing different approaches. Animation enables you to refine your message & tone in a way that may be limited by traditional methods. Elevating your message beyond a typical PowerPoint presentation enables your message to stick in the minds of the audience and that in turn makes everyone safer.

      Why Animation Works So Well

      Few mediums are as versatile and focused as animation for clearly explaining the difficult topics that health and safety videos address. They are bespoke & tailored to your message and branding so that it is perfectly fitted to your needs. Health and safety never looked so good! For example, some sites may be too difficult to access easily and cheaply or maybe the space is unsuitable for live filming. Animation gives you control over everything and everyone, making your video effective from the first watch.

      When to use Health And Safety Animations

      • When filming isn’t practical
      • Reconstructing a dangerous situation
      • Explaining your safe systems of work (SSOW)
      • When you need to address a large, varied workforce
      • Launching a new safety initiative
      • Communicating with an overseas workforce
      • Explaining practices in an engaging, memorable way
      • When you don’t want to watch another long voiceover video

      Connecting With The Customer

      Not all health and safety animations need to be serious. Animation has the amazing ability to carry a huge variety of tones effectively & seamlessly. By adding a little fun to your health & safety animation, you make it more memorable for the audience. This, in turn, makes your message stick in their minds that much more. This could be through explaining correct PPE usage, safety inductions, correct fire procedures and much much more. Health and safety animations transform your message into one which is simple but effective every time it’s watched.

      Time To Revolutionise Health & Safety

      Animation provokes disinterested audiences. Its brings safety into the 21st century. Whether you’re explaining the cause of accidents, motivating individuals, explaining the rules, or training the next generation, animation opens up the doors to promote safe behaviours and even safer practices. Get in touch today to find out why animation is the perfect tool to make everyone safer.

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        Insurance Animation

        Insurance Animation

        Insurance Animation Introduction

        Expertly crafted animated videos can help people navigate complex, information-heavy topics. If keeping customers informed & up to date is a key USP for you, then animation can help you achieve that in a fun and effective way.

        We all know videos are far more interesting than long paragraphs of text, including the one you’re reading! If you’re an insurance company, you may be at a disadvantage when it comes to marketing your product and informing your customers. It’s not because insurance is boring, it’s just that insurance isn’t the sort of thing that can be easily explained conventionally. When you have something as complex as insurance, even when it is amazing and interesting. It’s not going to engage and grab anyone if nobody can understand it easily. This is where an insurance animation fits in.

        The Benefits Of Animation

        An insurance animation is designed and crafted by a bespoke animation company, hooking your audience immediately. Without having to rely on drawbacks that may inhibit a live-action production, and racking up additional costs. An insurance animation is unburdened by such earthly tethers. If you can think it, then it can be done.

        Why Animation Works So Well

        One key reason animation works so well for insurance is that animated videos deliver ideas, concepts and messages in a clearly and engagingly. These messages can be very complex and still, they can be shown in an easily digestible way. This is what has made animation so popular a medium. By showing a complex idea visually, you can help people to understand something that they wouldn’t have if they had read a long paragraph our work of text. We created a bright and fun explainer video for Grenson Motors to help explain Gap insurance for vehicles. We did this using a character-led video that keeps the viewer engaged, delivering fun & comedy in the process!

        Improving Understanding

        Additionally, insurance animations are especially great at discussing difficult topics within insurance such as billing statements, policy coverage or endorsements. By explaining your services in a clear way to your audience, you are more likely to connect with them and stop them from switching off. This makes it easy for people to grasp the concepts and understand the advantages of different policies & services.

        Connecting With The Customer

        Customers appreciate unique videos that tie into the branding they know and chose for their insurance. When we created a Feature Promo for Home & Legacy, we tied the colour of the animation into the established colour palettes they had for each of their different services. This enables their audience to link what they are viewing in the video & what they are already used to dealing with.

        Time To Revolutionise Insurance Understanding

        Many insurance companies have also turned to animated videos to help gain customer attention, improve the transparency and understanding of their services. Just as new Fintech companies have revolutionised the banking sector and made things clearer and easier for consumers, animation can do that for insurance.

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          Our insurance animation blogs and case studies can be found below

          A few words from our clients...

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