In our recent project with Owkin, we successfully developed a selection of 2D medical animations to be integrated within their website. They will help conceptualise the companies business processes.

The Brief

Owkin is a French-American startup that uses AI and machine learning to augment medical and biology research. The company develops scientific collaborations with top-tier medical institutions and partners with leading pharmaceutical companies. Due to the high level that the company operates in, they felt that 2D medical animations, on their website, would be able to help illustrate and support the explanations of the different sectors within the company.

Our Response

Our work with Owkin centred around being able to visualise each of the different aspects of their company into looping 2D medical animations. These had to illustrate to the customers the structure and methods behind it. The animations themselves would be implemented into the website to play on different webpages beside the text. To do this we worked closely with Owkin every step of the way. This is because we needed to understand each of the different sectors to be able to accurately represent them. This meant brushing up on our knowledge about AI and also Medical Research as it’s not something you usually learn about in schools!

How To Present Data

For the style of the 2D medical animations, we needed to develop a visual identity that would sit within Owkin’s brand portfolio seamlessly. Whilst, at the same time, bring something new to the table. To do this we decided on an isometric style that would work well to give depth to the animations and as such, the pages on the website. The result of this style is very successful.

Using an isometric design allows for the animation to stand out on the page and grab peoples attention due to its 2.5D environment. This meant that when creating each of the animations, we had more than one dimension to play with. This opened up a lot of possibilities and allowed us to push the animation further. As you can see, we utilised this style to support concepts and ideas behind Owkins business structure and processes

For the final output for the project, each of the animations would live on their respective pages. They would also live on a higher up page that summarised all of the topics. This meant creating multiple versions of the animations as hi-resolution GIF’s that could be embedded into the code of each page. Each animation helps to illustrate the ideas of each sector, this helps to bring to life how Owkin does their work.

When creating these 2D medical animations to be integrated into a website, both file size and formatting plays a large part. We worked closely with Owkin and their website team to optimize the animations for this purpose. Each animation is integrated so that it becomes part of the infrastructure of the page.

The Result

The final 2D medical animations are videos that conceptualise ai and medical research in a visually inviting and informative way. Each animation has its own home across Owkin’s website. Unlike some of our other project where one complete video is produced, these animations permeate throughout Owkins digital presence. They are helping customers and clients in many forms and will continue to for a long time to come.

What our client Said

“Animation guys were incredible to work with. The understood our complicated concept quickly and managed to translate it into brilliant gifs for our website. They always met the tight deadlines even with lots of back and forth from our end. I couldn’t recommend them more!”

– Antonia Trower, Marketing Manager at Owkin

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