We had the pleasure of working with GovGrant again to extend the visual storytelling established in their first video, through to 3 new videos in an animation video pack that would focus on the different cores of their business they wanted to highlight. Giving them a wealth of tools to reach out to their audience.

The Brief

GovGrant makes sure innovation is recognized and that it receives the full range of available government tax incentives. The way they do this is through patenting something found in the business’s R&D.
We worked with them recently to produce an Animation Video pack focused around an Elevator Pitch, Govgrants Methodology & Explaining Patent Box.

Our Response

Elevator Pitch – Who are we, why should you talk to us?

An Elevator pitch explains to the audience who Govgrant is, and why a prospective client should talk to them. We used the imagery that would best capture the high-level overview of the company. The benefit of linking these videos to their more in-depth and extensive video previously created means that clients are already aware and recognize some of the linked imagery and style. This enables them to be even more engaged when watching a longer video as they have already seen in the shorter videos within the Animation Video pack. It has also meant that the Govgrant sales team has an even wider array of tools at their disposal.

Methodology – Showing Value

When describing Govgrants methodology, it was important to stress the reasons why to the audience. Each of the reasons would help cement and sell their services to the target audience. It was also important for this Animation Video pack to be a bridge between the storytelling happening in their original video, and the more subtle branding seen throughout the rest of their marketing.

Patent Box – How can you benefit?

It was important here to show companies why they can benefit. We managed to effectively do this in under a minute, because of our use of the previous assets, linking this to the original video we created for Govgrant. This gives multiple different ways for the audience to learn about what Patent Box is, and how it can help. This can also be used to target people who may have already seen the first video but aren’t yet sold on if Patent Box can help them. This is where the Animation Video pack comes in very useful.

The Result

The finished Animation Video pack captures the essence and visual storytelling of the previous video, whilst also reimagine the imagery for a new story & audience. Govgrant we’re overjoyed with the result and the videos are now sitting perfectly poised within their marketing strategies, ready to be seen by the right people.

Elevator Pitch


Patent Box

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