Dr Foster equips healthcare organisations to make better and faster decisions on the quality and value of connected healthcare provision. They do this by turning data into insights and insights into decisions.

The Brief

Dr Foster approached us with a brief with a big twist.
They needed a animated demo video to highlight their new dashboard software created for healthcare organisations. The video’s primary use would be at an upcoming event as part of a business card.
The big twist is that the video would be an augmented reality animation component that people could watch, coming straight out of the business card! We were thrilled to be a part of this very modern marketing tool and relished the chance to flex our augmented reality animation muscles in this new medium.

Our Response

Animated Demo Videos are a great way to engage with your existing customers and get them excited about new features. Whilst also showing off your product to new customers in an engaging way. This AR animation for Dr Foster allowed us to pinpoint the main components of their new dashboard software without inundating their audience with lots of detailed information.

AR Animation Feature promo still
AR Animation still

Working with an augmented reality animation is a growing area that will surely be part of video marketing trends for 2020. An augmented reality animation allows your video/product to really stand out from the crowd. Literally! One of the key elements to this project was to ensure that the video started seamlessly from the business card. To do this we worked closely with the printing company to ensure that the business card and the augmented reality animation were designed and thought of as a singular component.

An augmented reality business card extends its content past the real world. They do this using augmented reality objects. This can come in the form of buttons or widgets that take your potential clients further than a card simply left in a pocket. The buttons can do things like take people to your website, contact form or to your social media pages. These objects move with the real world object, feeling as real as the card itself. Since physical cards have limited space, these virtual elements are an easy way to expand on the amount of information the card can usually contain, helping to grab attention and make your company stick in the minds of your clients.

Augmented Reality Animation business card still

The Result

The final video turned out wonderfully, showing off Dr Fosters new software in a digestible and engaging way. The final business card and augmented reality component blew us out of the water when we tried it in the studio! What was first possibly seen as a gimmick is now making its way into currently marketing techniques and practices and is definitely something we can see being used more often in the near future.

What our client Said

“Great working with the Animation Guys on an exciting augmented reality project for us. We had very tight timescales, which they very expertly met, and explained all the stages clearly. A really fun, creative team delivering a slick, professional end product. Really pleased with the results and already planning our next animation project!”

– Carrie Goldsworthy, Marketing Manager at Dr Foster

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