For the past 10 years, Martin2Smoove has travelled the world entertaining the coolest crowds at the hottest events, for the biggest brands on the planet, becoming one of the most in-demand DJs around. He has played for some of the biggest names in show business today.

The Brief

Previously, we created an dj visualisation ident for Martin to sit with him as he travels the world as a DJ. It turned out brilliant and he has got some great use out of it. The animation has played at shows all around the world. It showed off his individual creative style & set him apart from his peers. However, Martin has grown to become even bigger than when we first worked with him. As such, his dj visualisation needed to grow with him. So Martin came to us wanting to refresh his look. Who better to create this new animation for him than the guys who designed and animated the original.

Our Response

We had a tight turnaround for Martin’s new dj visualisation. His idea was to incorporate his previous visuals, expanding on them to bring his new animation from 1 minute up to the 3-minute mark. Martin had a giant event in Paris where he wanted to debut his new look. It was key for us to work closely with him on this project to nail his vision from the get-go and create the most high impact piece we could that would look amazing on the big screens.

Martin came into the studio to discuss the project with the animators directly, enabling us to get his direction straight from the source. We discussed what style would suit his idea for the project & what he wanted to include. From these meetings, we knew Martin was looking for a new visualisation that was high impact and in your face, whilst also feeling classy and timeless. This enabled it to be played behind him at some of the biggest festivals. However, Martin also wanted it to be versatile enough to be playing behind him at a private venue or catwalk in Milan. The final video fits these roles perfectly.

Working off a modified script and taking inspiration from the likes of Keith Harring, this was no ordinary run of the mill project. We worked with Martin to whip up a selection of words and phrases to use in this new animation, having them appear in a variety of interesting, creative ways. These were coupled with some of Martins favourite pieces of imagery, such as an old school microphone or his iconic hat. The Animation Guys blended all of the different influences Martin gave us, combined these with a large variety of effects to stimulate the viewers, to give you the final animation you see today.

The Result

Martin’s new visual is clean, impactful & visual stimulating. Perfect for any DJ to play behind them in the biggest venue, to the smallest private party. We are very proud of the result! Maybe next we will be able to see it on the big screen whilst Martin plays.

What our client Said

“Our previous company video was outdated and no longer accurately reflected the company Akixi is today.
The objective for our new video was to draw people in by talking about the business benefits our analytics solutions can bring, rather than products and features.
But the final video delivered so much more.
The result totally exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t be happier.

Working with The Animation Guys was a positive experience from start to finish.
They are a friendly and talented team, easy to work with, and I wouldn’t hesitate in working with them again on future projects.”

– Hilary King, Marketing Manager at Akixi Limited

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