We recently completed an educational animation video in partnership with Health Education England that revolves around a new role they’ve developed within the NHS, called a Lived Experience Connector. The aim of the new role is to help staff better understand and care for their patients

The Brief

Health Education England (HEE) supports the delivery of excellent healthcare and health improvement to the patients and public of England. To do this they look for new ways that we can help improve the services we rely on. In conjunction with The Cheshire and Wirral Partnership (CWP) and their person centrered framework we created a delightful animation that will be shown at NHS workshops across the UK.

Our Response

Clear and accurate representation for everyone in society is something very important in today’s world and HEE wanted to ensure that this video would also be as inclusive as possible. This is a challenge that we relish at The Animation Guys. This meant careful consideration went into each and every character design as not to stereotype or misrepresent any one group.

When deciding the animation style that we wanted to go down for this video, we landed on a style that we feel balances the whimsy and careful consideration. We still wanted the video to feel lighthearted and warming to watch. However, it was vital that we ensure the delicate topic, and message the video is conveying, doesn’t get lost.

A crucial component of the video was developing a pre established style. CWP came to us with some wonderful illustrations that they were already using across the workshops. It was our job to interpret this and reimagine them in a fresh way, that still held the same key message and conveyed the correct tone. This means that CWP can still use both forms of marketing content in their workshops and exterior collateral.

The Result

The final educational animation video is a bright, colourful and warm animation that really shows the care and attention that the NHS is taking on topics such as mental health. We know this video will help many people to come and we can’t wait to work on a project such as this again in the future!

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