Every year, ISDA hosts their general meeting. This year’s event is in Madrid! We developed a visually stunning event promotion video that would engage interest in the event and what is going to be on the agenda.

The Brief

ISDA fosters safe and efficient derivatives markets to facilitate effective risk management for all users of derivative products. Now in its 35th year, ISDA’s Annual General Meeting for 2020 is being held in Madrid. They came to us needing a new and exciting way to reveal the plans for this years meeting and stand out from the previous years event promotion. Working closely with them, we produced a rich animation that focused around their CEO Scott O’Malia discussing the event all around the beautiful city of Madrid.

Our Response

One key aspect of this project with ISDA was to create an animated version of Scott, ISDA’s CEO. We decided early on that the video would be led by Scott, discussing the event and what’s in store. His voice is what you hear in the final video. To do this we worked closely from reference to ensure that the audience would immediately recognise him, this would tie into previous years of event marketing where Scott would talk to camera. By tapping into this familiarity, the event promotion video immediately connects with the audience and invites them into the journey the animation takes them on through the streets of Madrid.

As this years AGM is in Madrid, we decided to focus the event promotion animation on the different parts of the city that would be recognisable to ISDA’s audience. We used extensive design research for icon places that the audience would be able to identify whilst at the event. This included the Hotel Riu Plaza Espana where the meeting would be held.

Within the production process, there was a section of animation where we felt that using the power of 3D and rendering with a flat 2D look would help to elevate the animation to the next level. You can see a behind the scenes view of that process in the GIF.
By using the flexibility of 3D to accurately get what we needed from the complicated hands throughout that section of animation, we were able to hone in on the scene to become exactly how we envisaged it.

These elements; using Scott to lead the video, visualising key landmarks for the event; all help build anticipation for the event. It helps it to stand out from previous years by using the power of animation to grab peoples interest. The video gets their imagination flowing and their excitement building, which can only make the event even more successful than previous years. Additionally, the benefit of creating a digital version of their CEO Scott, means that if they choose to, in the future they have the option to use him in other videos & event marketing collateral both pre & post-event.

The Result

We thoroughly enjoyed working on this video with ISDA. The final result is a video that not only works to explain the event coming up, but also add’s value to ISDA marketing campaigns & the effort they have put into the event.

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