We recently created a successful infographic animation for laundry giant Laundrapp to be used on their social media channels. Bringing laundry into the digital age we're glad to be a part of their journey and telling their story.

The Brief

Laundrapp is the UK’s leading on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service, offering unparalleled levels of quality cleaning right across London and up to 30 towns and cities. In our project with them we focused on a short fun engaging piece of content that they could use online. They would be planning to mainly use it on social media at first. In it we detail how to iron a shirt through each different step.

Our Response

An infographic animation can simplify complicated information by displaying them visually as an engaging animation. Using images, icons and illustrations to tell the story, information becomes easier to understand. Tell the story and steps of how to iron a shirt is the perfect story to tell through animation. through limited words and visual queues you are easily able to follow each step and what needs to be done, despite each step only being quite short.

As much as an infographic animation style enable clear and effective communication of each step, the aim of this video is to highlight how many steps there actually are in ironing a shirt. By choosing Laundrap customers are able to avoid these steps. This video highlights the correct way to iron a shirt as it is a common occurance for the general public not knowing how to do it. This video effectively capitalises on this fact and uses it to their advantage. Yes, you may not know how to iron a shirt. Here is a clear fun video showing you how. However, you could just use laundrapp? The video ties everything together with a very effective call to action, which is key for viewing on social media.

In addition to the infographic animation that we created for Laundrapp, alongside the video we also created an infographic illustration. This illustration would tell the history of laundry through the generations that they could also use in tandem with their other pieces of social content. They have utilised this infographic in full, as well as slicing it up for focused content on platforms such as instagram. Tailoring your content to your audience is the key to increased brand awarenesss and interaction.

The Result

The final infographic animation is a fun and informative video that teaches and shares information to Laundrapp’s customer base, whilst simultaniously selling the company and gaining business. It has been used in tandem with the history of laundry infographic to great effect.

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