Akixi is an award-winning company providing comprehensive hosted call and contact analytics services. They offer various service levels, from historic call logging to advanced real-time contact centre services, to suit businesses of all sizes.

The Brief

Akixi is launching a new website and wanted an attractive video on their homepage to explain their services in a clear and concise manner that would also show the importance of their services.

Our Response

The Animation Guys goal was to not only illustrate the service provided but look deeper at what value Akixi could provide to relevant business successes. Right from the get-go, it’s clear that a key element of Akixi’s value comes down to that old saying ‘if you’re not assessing your guessing!’. In this case, if your team is performing. but you don’t have a way of getting insight into how they are performing. You’re not going to have the information you need to know where you are up to and what needs to be done.

We believed it was important to communicate this but also elevate the urgency and make the solution feel larger, attractive and critical to business success. We didn’t want to look at this as just a fancy phone call monitoring app. Instead, ask the audience what makes a successful business, successful? Put that in your mind’s eye. Then showing the point of view that, person to person interaction is at the heart of every business one way or another. Akixi can give you the ability of visibility to performance in this vital area. Ultimately, making you the most successful you can be!

Using simple shapes and colours along with bold black outlines we wanted the whole animation to feel grounded and straightforward like a building block. We wanted to avoid it looking like a ‘tech’ animation as we felt this was in a different style and category with a different target audience and message. The video needed an attention-grabbing opening sequence. We decided to go for an isometric animation, by creating it in 3d matching the 2d look with all sorts of visuals popping up and flipping around while we asked the audience a simple question to hook them ‘What are the most successful businesses today made from?’. We wanted to fill the animation with character and charm and create something Akixi would be eager to put on their homepage.

The Result

It was a very smooth process and Akixi were a delight to work with. We are all really happy with the results of this isometric animation. At the end of the day, we wanted something that Akixi would be proud to show off as an example of who they are. A responsibility we don’t take lightly here at The Animation Guys. Were happy to say that is exactly what we have!

Social Media Content

In addition to the explainer video, we worked with Akixi to re-work the original video into some social media content for their brand marketing strategy.

The new video forms a key part of their marketing strategy, driving the Akixi brand forward.

What our client Said

“Our previous company video was outdated and no longer accurately reflected the company Akixi is today.
The objective for our new video was to draw people in by talking about the business benefits our analytics solutions can bring, rather than products and features.
But the final video delivered so much more.
The result totally exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t be happier.

Working with The Animation Guys was a positive experience from start to finish.
They are a friendly and talented team, easy to work with, and I wouldn’t hesitate in working with them again on future projects.”

– Hilary King, Marketing Manager at Akixi Limited

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