In this latest project with IBA, we produced a live-action corporate video that would help tell their story and supplement the explanation of some of their new products. We have also created a set of animated demo videos that illustrate each of the programs and their features.

The Brief

IBA is a leading independent aviation consultancy that provides an array of services to a wide range of prominent investment funds and banks, aircraft leasing companies, operators, manufacturers and MROs.  We have created multiple videos for them and this case study highlights a few of our recent ones.

Our Response

This was our second live action project with IBA. After the success of the first, another video was commissioned that would be a top level video for the company to use at events and also on their landing page. The first video gave a behind the scene corporate culture view of the company and it was well received. This second video summarises the company and it’s product by using the employees that many customers will know and trust. this is why talking head corporate videos can be so successful. To do this we travelled down to Leatherhead in Surrey for a day of filming with the team.

When producing the live-action video, the challenge was to seamless combine each of the different peoples voices and the information they talk about, in a clear and engaging way. To do this a combination of footage from within the office, and the addition of stock footage were used. Combining these different forms of footage allows for seamless transitions and smooth precise interviews with each of the different members of IBA. Combining this with some simple elegant motion graphics titles and you have yourself a completed corporate video.

To support the release of the new products mentioned in the live action corporate video, IBA also commissioned a suite of 4 animated demo videos that would walk through each of the different programs and pieces of software. The benefits of these videos is tenfold. Your customers are engaged and excited to use IBA’s products and, in turn, IBA doesn’t have to spend countless hours trying to resell their products to potential new clients. That’s where the power of animation comes in.

The Result

Each video we have created for IBA serves its own purpose and does its job perfectly. However, the suite of animations and videos that IBA now have under their belt has equipped them for years to come.

Corporate Video

Animated Demo Video

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