We worked with promotional merchandise company ShoutPM to develop their 2D animated brand character “Bob”, with a view to him being used across their merchandise.

The Brief

Shout Promotional Merchandise (ShoutPM) supplies innovative branded promotional products to organisations and provides a bespoke consultation service to help clients maximise the impact of their promotional strategies. They approached us with the brief of developing a fun and engaging augmented reality video showcasing a range of their most popular promotional products. ShoutPM were working around strict time constrictions so we had to get down to work and produce a video quickly.

Our Response

Through their Innovative branded promotional products ShoutPM strives to help brands “Stand out and shout out”. This is an ethos that is reflected in ShoutPM’s company logo as the ‘o’ in ‘Shout’ is replaced with a large orange exclamation mark ‘!’. This addition helps their logo stand out and makes it memorable. Recognising this we decided to create a 2D character animation using the orange exclamation mark called ‘Bob’ and work him around animations of ShoutPM’s products.

Food and drink animation

Whether its a low-cost pen for a company’s trade show stall or a high-tech premium thank you gift for a client, ShoutPM pride themselves on their ability to source a wide range of exciting, playful and useful gifts that perfectly complement a brand’s promotional campaign. We felt not only that this could be reflected in the variety of products on show in the video, but also through the personality and actions of the newly created character, Bob.

The brainchild of our creative director and then brought to life by our fantastic animation team, the 30 second video sees the exclamation mark character Bob and his pencil sharpener dog (which relates to the first product) interact in a humorous and playful way with a number of ShoutPM’s signature products. Each scene makes use of a different product in a fun way and the character’s actions are designed to support that. E.g The ShoutPM branded iPad is made to look like a cinema screen and Bob sits down in front of it with his dog and eats popcorn.

The Result

The augmented reality video we created sits centre stage at the top of ShoutPM’s homepage. Whilst showcasing a number of their signature products the quirky and humorous nature of the video and animated ‘!’ character Bob encapsulates perfectly ShoutPM’s ethos of “Stand out, shout out”. It also cements the ‘!’,  synonymous with the ShoutPM brand, as a logo in itself.

What Our Client Had to Say

“Great working with the Animation Guys on an exciting augmented reality project for us. We had very tight timescales, which they were very expertly met, and explained all the stages clearly. A really fun, creative team delivering a slick, professional end product. Really pleased with the results and already planning our next animation project.”

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