We worked with GovGrant to produce a rich and eye-catching visual storytelling animation that would cut through the noise and help change the conversation around Intellectual Property (IP) and help businesses save on corporation tax.

The Brief

GovGrant makes sure innovation is recognised and that it receives the full range of available government tax incentives. The way they do this is through patenting something found in the business’s R&D.
We worked with them recently to produce a story-driven animation that used strong visual storytelling and metaphors to overcome complicated corporate & academic jargon.

Our Response

Many businesses can be intimidated by the legal and academic jargon surrounding IP (intellectual property) and this video is here to change that perception. We did this was to represent and explain these ideas in a visual way that would help to dispell the myths and pain points normally found in IP & Patenting. This is because the brain absorbs visual stimuli far easier and more effectively than traditional media. By using visual metaphors to explain complicated or information heavy topics, animation cuts through the noise and ensures that audiences stay engaged and informed from the moment the video starts, right through to the end.

To do this we worked closely with Govgrant to produce a script that would help to set them apart from others in their sector. It all started with the method that Govgrant has, of going into companies and finding a single patent to save thousands. This idea was developed into a visual metaphor of not harvesting the whole field but just finding that single blade of grass. By using this visual storytelling, it enables the animation to change the tone surrounding IP & remove the hurdle that is legal and academic jargon. Now, with help from this video, it is bright, inviting & easily accessible for all who need it.

Characterful animations are extremely effective at increasing relatability within audiences. By creating a character in your video that is easily recognisable, relatable, and relevant to your target demographic you can add far more longevity to a marketing campaign. This is because, if tonally appropriate, this character can appear in multiple different forms. The benefits of this are that your audience can reconnect with the character across multiple videos & marketing methods, even if the information surrounding it is different.

The Result

The finished animation is a beauty to behold. It leads the audience through a colourful and dynamic story featuring some amazing visual storytelling. Govgrant we’re overjoyed with the result and the video is now being used within their marketing strategy to help change the conversation.

Social Media

In addition to the final video, we produced a 30-second version for varied use on social media where attention spans are shorter. We also created a selection of snippets that focused on different messages.

By producing multiple edits of the same video, Govgrant was able to get greater use out of the video on different channels. Tailoring your video to the platform it will be watched on, produces more interactions & increases the ROI of the video.

30 Second Edit

Example Social Media Snippet

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