Specialist Animation Videos for Key Industries

At The Animation Guys, we’ve created numerous animation videos for key industries. The industries we work with may differ greatly, from Healthcare to FinTech, but our commitment to creating something unique and engaging for each individual customer is consistent across them all.

Here’s an insight into how we design animation videos for key industries:

Healthcare animation videos:

Facts and no fluff, engaging and informative – these are some traits of a typical healthcare animation video. As with all animation videos for key industries, whenever we work with a healthcare client, we take the time to listen to each individual client’s needs and then tailor our service and design to their specific requirements. 

Recently, we completed an educational animation video in partnership with Health Education England that promotes a new role they’ve developed within the NHS, called a Lived Experience Connector. The aim of the new role is to help staff better understand and care for their patients. Clear and accurate representation for everyone in society is so important and HEE wanted to ensure that this video would be as inclusive as possible.


We also created a healthcare animation for Devyser, who are specialists in diagnostic kits for complex DNA testing within oncology, reproductive health and hereditary diseases. Devyser needed a simple and engaging way to explain a very complicated new process that they had pioneered. In addition to the full video that was created, we produced a selection of shorter videos that could be used in targeted Social Media Advertising campaigns.

Fintech Animation Videos

The global Fintech market was valued at about $127.66 billion in 2018, and is expected to grow to $309.98 billion at an annual growth rate of 24.8% by 2022 (Source). Fintech is a serious business and can be challenging to explain – unless you create an animated visual representation of what it means!

Fintech companies typically have their finger on the pulse of what’s new and exciting within the finance industry. So, when they approach us to create an animation video for them, they expect to be wowed. When creating a Fintech animation for Wellers Accountants UK, we used their ‘Business Oxygen’ positioning as a central theme and created a 2D animation that brought the term to life. It depicted an idealistic future for business owners with plenty of references to nature and oxygen. An interactive feature at the end of the animation allowed viewers to identify what stage they were at in the business lifecycle, leading them to relevant landing pages and further content on the Wellers website.

The Fintech animation we designed for the Scottish company, AutoRek, is more conceptual. It features clever 3D animation to provide a visualisation of the Fintech industry. The animation is used on their website as an engaging background piece and can also be incorporated into other marketing materials relating to the power and potential of Fintech.

Charity Animation Videos


Animation videos for key industries should always focus on the viewer, with a specific end goal in mind. When it comes to charity animation, the goals can differ greatly, from educating and raising awareness to driving donations and support.

Crisis is the national charity for homeless people. They help people directly out of homelessness and campaign for the changes needed to solve it altogether. They approached us to create a characterful charity animation that would allow them to tell their unique story to audiences across multiple channels.

A very different topic but an equally important cause, the charity animation we created for Network for Animals was all about raising awareness and inciting empathy in viewers. The video is shown to school children in South Africa and supports the charity in its goal to educate the younger generation. It also serves to improve awareness of the animal cruelty towards dogs that goes on in their community.

Whatever your objective, creating animation videos for key industries is what we do best at The Animation Guys. We’d love to hear about any specialist animation challenges or opportunities you’re facing and discuss how we can use stunning animation to help you achieve your goals! Get in touch for a chat and let’s turn your vision into a visual feast for viewers.