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This chapter contains information on picking the right style for your animation

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Style not only plays into how your video looks, but it also dictates how your brand is received and viewed by your audience.

Additionally, pairing the right style with the right tone will help your video to succeed where others might fail.


Motion Graphics are a unique way to communicate visual information & they encompass so many different types of animation.

Motion Graphics have a unique way to convey a message more creatively.

They are a tool to help communicate with your audience, which is why they are perfect for marketing.

Motion Graphics is often referred to as animated graphic design and can be highly versatile.

As such, it can provide both elegant professional styles and also more abstract concepts and ideas that have some charm to them.

By utilising motion graphics to their fullest potential you can amalgamate any idea, educate your audience whilst also visualising it in an attractive interesting way.

2D OR 3D

Both 2D and 3D have their merits.

Deciding which will benefit you the most is partly dictated by your message and video objective.

Some types of video are more suited to 3D, such as an industrial product demonstration, whilst trying to do that in 2D is possible but would be far more expensive and time-consuming.

“Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive.” 

– Walt Disney


An infographic video can simplify complicated information by displaying them visually, either as a static image or as an engaging animation.

They can cover any subject, from simple data representations to detailed analytics and statistical breakdowns.

Using images, icons and illustrations to tell the story, information becomes easier to understand.

Infographics are more digestible too; their visual format makes it simple for viewers to spot patterns and trends, without needing to sift through endless data sheets or lengthy presentations.

“Doing animation is great fun. It’s like a different world.” 

– John Noble


We’ve only just scratched the surface of the different styles of animation you can choose from.

Not including when these different styles overlap, such as when motion graphics are used in titles overlaid in a talking head live-action video.

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