The beauty industry is a sector that is as alluring as it is ruthless. When operating within such a field, it is important that you help your product stand out through eye-catching yet consistent product branding. Cosmetic animation is an excellent means of achieving exactly this.

Using 3D animation visuals, a cosmetic animation allows you to show off your latest product’s greatest features while merging animated imagery with the real world. In doing so, you are opening your beauty brand to a whole new world of visual communication.

In this blog we summarise how you can harness this newfound marketing tool and to shape it to your messaging and bolster your visual presence.

Seamlessly Blend Product And Brand

It’s no secret that animated visuals help companies effectively portray exactly what it is that they offer. Nowadays 66% of consumers actively seek out videos to learn more about a brand that they have an initial interest in. This behaviour presents a fantastic opportunity to include cosmetic animation in your marketing strategy, whether it be in the form of anything from a simple explainer video to a global TV advertisement.

What these clips allow you to do is effortlessly blend your beauty products and your brand in a way that makes associations between the two inseparable. When someone sees one, they immediately associate it with the other.

Lay A Foundation For What Your Brand Offers

As previously mentioned, effective beauty product animation can help create the basis on which your reputation rests. Once the glitz and glamour of your leading marketing campaigns have been wiped away, this is what you are depending on to prove that you are a brand worth knowing. A 3D cosmetic animation can help contribute to this.

An effective mechanism for delivering your brand messaging in a way that is streamlined and easy to absorb, these visuals define both what you represent and what you offer in just a few moments.

A face wipe that is designed to help protect the environment. An eyeliner that washes away with ease. A lipstick that is also a hand grenade. Whatever your product and whatever your brand mission, product animation can help deliver your core messaging.

Draw a Line(r) Between The Scientific And The Desirable

When it comes to cosmetics, much of a product’s true value lies in the complex science behind it. However, intricate chemical testing and detailed research strategies have never really been a big selling point to those searching for a new makeup brand… Due to this, it is crucial that you get the important points across without sending the audience to sleep.

Beauty product animation allows you to sell the scientific benefits of your product without seeing your messaging cross the line from enticing advertising to dreary chemistry lecture. That said, you can use creative visuals to both allude to and expand exactly what it is that separates your cosmetic products from the crowd. Helping you strike the right balance between informative and entertaining.

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