Health & Safety Animation Introduction

Health & Safety is a key topic that affects all levels of society, whether that be businesses & their employees or the general public & everyone in-between. Animation is perfect for this job and has become the go-to for business safety across the globe. This is because complicated ideas can be clearly and easily explained through the medium of animation & video. And, as a bonus, they’re fun to watch! Whether it’s iconography, infographics, stylised recreations of situations or full-blown character animation. Your message will be clear and your employees will be well trained, informed and ultimately safe!

The Benefits Of Animation

Health & Safety animations are important because they allow you to explore dangerous scenarios & complicated topics, whilst still delivering a professional and engaging branded result. We understand that delivering effective health & safety videos is a serious matter for businesses and governments. Yet, you can have fun with them. This could be putting characters in different situations or showing different approaches. Animation enables you to refine your message & tone in a way that may be limited by traditional methods. Elevating your message beyond a typical PowerPoint presentation enables your message to stick in the minds of the audience and that in turn makes everyone safer.

Why Animation Works So Well

Few mediums are as versatile and focused as animation for clearly explaining the difficult topics that health and safety videos address. They are bespoke & tailored to your message and branding so that it is perfectly fitted to your needs. Health and safety never looked so good! For example, some sites may be too difficult to access easily and cheaply or maybe the space is unsuitable for live filming. Animation gives you control over everything and everyone, making your video effective from the first watch.

When to use Health And Safety Animations

  • When filming isn’t practical
  • Reconstructing a dangerous situation
  • Explaining your safe systems of work (SSOW)
  • When you need to address a large, varied workforce
  • Launching a new safety initiative
  • Communicating with an overseas workforce
  • Explaining practices in an engaging, memorable way
  • When you don’t want to watch another long voiceover video

Connecting With The Customer

Not all health and safety animations need to be serious. Animation has the amazing ability to carry a huge variety of tones effectively & seamlessly. By adding a little fun to your health & safety animation, you make it more memorable for the audience. This, in turn, makes your message stick in their minds that much more. This could be through explaining correct PPE usage, safety inductions, correct fire procedures and much much more. Health and safety animations transform your message into one which is simple but effective every time it’s watched.

Time To Revolutionise Health & Safety

Animation provokes disinterested audiences. Its brings safety into the 21st century. Whether you’re explaining the cause of accidents, motivating individuals, explaining the rules, or training the next generation, animation opens up the doors to promote safe behaviours and even safer practices. Get in touch today to find out why animation is the perfect tool to make everyone safer.

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