Experts in Charity Animation

Animation videos for Charities are one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use to get your message across to your audience. 

When it comes to creating your Charity Animation, there are loads of different animation styles and video formats to consider. And, here at The Animation Guys, we’ve worked with a variety of charities to create entirely bespoke animations, videos and graphics that create a lasting impression. To the right you’ll see an example of our latest Charity Animation; a simple but powerful 2D video that highlights the importance of treating animals with kindness. The video was created to improve awareness of animal cruelty that goes on in South African communities.

Why Do We Care So Much About Charities

We live and breathe video animation and working closely with charities we’re proud to help them achieve their meaningful missions and goals. Be it supporting movements, raising awareness of important issues or helping those in need, we relish the chance to develop a narrative using visual and engaging content to connect with key stakeholders.

Charity Animation With A Purpose

We believe that, while it’s great to design videos and graphics that look nice, the most important aspect of your Charity Animation is that it’s effective!     

We already know that video is by far the most memorable marketing channel available (especially when compared to written comms). Using a clever mix of story line, script, design, animation style, voice over or music, you can create a Charity Animation that not only looks fantastic, but sends a strong message that your audience won’t forget.

Set The Tone

The biggest challenge when creating a meaningful Charity Animation is getting the tone of voice just right. Even the most serious or difficult subjects can be tackled with some thoughtful consideration of the tone. In our experience, simplelight but impactful usually works best. 

We’ll work with you to make sure the tone of your animation is perfect for your audience.



Pick Your Target Audience

While you can create a video that appeals to everyone, sometimes it’s more effective to focus on one or two key audiences and create a Charity Animation with them in mind. 

A good example is the 2D video we created for The Mix, a charity that supports young people under the age of 25. With a very wide range of ages and issues to cover, we decided to focus on just one case study. The video showcases the challenges of one individual and how The Mix helped him through the issues he was facing.

Specialist Animation

Choose An Animation Style

If you’re unsure about how to choose the right style for your charity animation, we can help!

We’ve done a lot of research into the Science behind how people process information and what this means when choosing the right animation style for your target audience. A Charity Animation is also an opportunity to showcase your brand to anyone who isn’t familiar with your cause. We can help you make sure your video or graphics do a great job of telling your story and introducing your brand.

Let’s Bring Your Charity Animation To Life

Drawing on our experience in Charity Animation and a wealth of expertise in videos and graphics, we’d love to help you showcase your Charity’s brand and get your message across. Let’s discuss your objectives and share some ideas about how to harness the power of animation!

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