Regardless of your industry, if you’re producing video content, it’s crucial you have considered the different types of video marketing strategies.

A clear and carefully considered plan of how video sits within the wider marketing mix will ensure all content works as hard as it can. Businesses that take the time to build a strategy before firing out video content are the ones that will reap rewards. Those that don’t are likely to be missing a trick. To put it in simpler terms, videos are ingredients. It’s a video marketing strategy that turns those ingredients into a meal.

Here at The Animation Guys, we love to get under the skin of a business before we even touch a storyboard. We link up with the marketing team, find out what content they want to make, who they’re making it for and what they want their audience’s experience to be. We find out how their audience is engaging with them currently and how they want it to change over the coming months or years. To make videos that deliver real value, it’s essential to understand the context they’ll live in.

A video marketing strategy is for the long term. It takes into account all the elements of video content (explainer videos, social media videos, tutorial videos, testimonial videos etc) and works out how they can feed into the bigger picture over time. Working this way has helped us get closer to our client’s challenges, which means our video output can be even more effective. It’s also formed relationships that have lasted for years.

Want to start producing video content but not sure where to start? Already producing it but it’s not hitting the spot? A video marketing strategy could be the answer. If you’re interested in finding out more, drop us a line.

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