History Of Fintech

Over the last decade, fintech has entered the public eye like never before. From your ‘hot coral’ bank cards to making tax digital, it is hard to hide from the impact Fintech has had on daily life.

Fintech has changed the world. But just because we’re more aware of it now, does that mean it never existed before? Far from it!

To celebrate the growth of fintech we decided to look back and explore the ‘history of fintech’ and how it has evolved to what it is today. Rather than bore you with a downloadable PDF or slide deck we did what we do best and put it into a concise and easy to understand animated video! Enjoy.

Why Do We Care So Much About Fintech

Because for us, Fintech offers infinite potential. We believe we’ve only skimmed the surface of what it’s going to deliver to us all, personally and professionally. We are confident that video marketing is the best way to communicate this potential and launch new concepts and products to any audience.

Whether you want to create a conceptual video to help staff and stakeholders understand where you’re going as a Fintech business. Or, you need some cool animations to power your website, marketing campaign or social media strategy. We’ll utilise the perfect mix of graphics, design styles, motion and audio to get your message across.


Engage Your Audience

Traditionally many people have thought of finance as a dull subject, but we know how to prove them wrong. A video that is visually engaging, inspiring and captivating will capture the attention of even the most dubious audience!

AI Generated Animation
fintech showcasing your product

Showcase Data Effectively

Showcasing data and numbers in an informative and engaging way is vital for fintech companies to convey their innovation and offers. Can you imagine trying to explain a personalised data algorithm to a client over PowerPoint or email?! Let the power of animation do the hard work for you.

An animated video is a great way to showcase data and key product benefits in a visual format that’s easy to understand. Visually fluid movement paired with a clear and digestible voiceover will make sure your fintech animation showcasing your product/service stands out from the crowd.


Bring Your Brand To Life

An animated video breathes life into your brand and provides you with an advanced marketing element in which to showcase your product/service. With fintech branding so fiercely competitive, now has never been more important to add some vigour to your marketing strategy and get a step ahead of your competition.

Let Us Transform Your Fintech Marketing

Being a specialist in Fintech video marketing and having worked with a variety of Fintech clients, we know how to get the most from your marketing video. Be it to showcase a project to clients/customers or as staff engagement piece, we can work with you from conception to creation.

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