So you’ve got a big event coming up. There’s going to be hundreds of people attending. You’re keen to find a way to keep them engaged with your content after the event. How do you collate your content and present it in a way that adds to the longevity and re-usability of all the hard work that was put into the event itself? What you need is an animated event highlight video.

This is an innovative, short form and digestible piece of content that helps summarise topics and key points from the event into a flowing piece of content ready for the avid viewer online.

Event Highlight Video

Why Does An Event Highlight Animation Work So Well?

An event highlight animation takes recorded audio from your talk, presentation or interview and augments it into the world of animation. It can be branded to fit your company or reflect the look of the event itself. There are multiple benefits and possibilities of animation. You can access a wide audience with your topic of conversation and the story that is being told. You can re-engage people who came to the event, helping to increase follow-ups and interaction with your brand. Also, an event highlight animation can help bring the event into new spaces both online and offline.

Why Choose An Animated Event Highlight Video?

All of these things can be done through clever design and interesting characters. It has been proven that animation is highly engaging in the way it connects with viewers compared to simple static live-action footage. It allows attendees to recap the event in a new and exciting way that isn’t just a shortcut of footage from the event that they’ve already seen. Another benefit of an event highlight animation is that animation can explain complex topics through the medium of animation. Compare animation to a small presentation slide, on a stage. You’re already leaps and bounds ahead in terms of interest and effective communication!

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Shareability & Added Exposure

In addition to sharing an event highlight animation within your regular content circles and channels, it also benefits from its appeal to others. Your animation becomes an asset that can be shared on the various speakers’ own channels. Who doesn’t want to have an illustrated character of themselves? If it shows them off in a high production manner without any effort on their part. This is free marketing for them and extra promotion for you.

A Success Story!

Here is an example of an event highlight video we recently created for the Award-Winning Virtual Reality (VR) and Creative Production Agency | REWIND. The event was called “Does Technology Help Or Hinder Humanity? A Discussion With Sir Martyn Lewis”

We took audio from this event that was over an hour long and distilled it down to a 2-minute animation that sums up the various topics in a digestible way. The benefits of this are tenfold. We used the magic of animation to explain topics visually whilst also being fun and accessible. This kind of animation lends itself well to sharing on social media platforms. It can also bring in a new audience that doesn’t have the time to sit and watch an hour-long talk, but wants to find out more about the topic that was discussed.

Whatever your event, animation can only benefit your company once the doors have closed and the lights are off.

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