Our Animation Process /  2D

If you’ve never done animation before, it can seem like a mysterious process.

Even if you’ve worked with an animation agency previously, we created this helpful video to give you an insight into our short & simple process.


Our Animation Process / 3D

A breakdown

We’ve also broken down that same process into its individual elements


This is where it all begins. You’ll meet the rest of The Animation Guys and we’ll discuss your new video.


Firstly, we work together to produce a finished script centred around your message and audience.


Next, our talented team create static illustrations that visualise the look of the finished video.


Using the locked down style, we produce the storyboard. This helps you see the video in tandem with the script.


Now we move to the most magical part of the process! Our skilled team of animators bring your vision to life!


Then, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The beloved video. The process is complete!

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