An Introduction To Animated Sales Videos

Need a simple way to illustrate what your company does or to launch your latest product? Fancy maximising your sales funnel to its full potential? Then the solution to your problem may well be an animated sales video. Animated sales videos can eradicate confusion and simplify methods in which you can drive customer engagement and trust to achieve stronger buy in from your target audience.

If we think back to our childhoods, some of our fondest memories are animated cartoons. Cartoons are a great psychological tool at appealing to people, they are fun, captivating, and colourful. The visuals appeal to the human brain and senses in ways no other methods truly can; making use of both sound and sight to appeal to the intended audience. Quite simply, animation offers a simple and effective way in which to communicate with your target audience, leaving a lasting impact. They also have the advantage of allowing viewers to be immersed into the story, providing a softer but more impactful focus on the highlighted product.

Why Use Animation In Your Sales Process?

People do not always appreciate a sales pitch or blatant promotion, an animated sales video allows you to introduce your product or service in a more unobtrusive manner. Video is a powerful narrative form where you can immediately grab a viewers attention and induce their interest. An engaging video can contain more value than any other kind of content, so it is vital to maximise this opportunity. The digital world is currently over-saturated with repeated text and visuals, animation can make a refreshing change and help a company or product stand out. You can also utilise the power of animation to give inanimate objects a voice or a personality, bringing them to life.

Animated videos are also cost effective and much cheaper to produce than live action videos while also being less hassle to maintain. When creating a live action video there is a lot to consider – not limited to location, actors, scheduling, and production. These aspects can all be rather time consuming and costly; reliant on a multitude or variables. With animated sales videos you can edit them right until the last minute and have a longer life cycle as they are able to be easily updated or amended as your product/service evolves. All you have to concern yourself with is creative content, the rest is left to us.

A Working Example

Below you can see an example of an animated sales video that we produced for Royal London. Royal London is a company that often embraces their heritage and Britishness and we managed to capture the allure and aesthetic of a Victorian themed puppet theatre in a charming manner. It is a method that works well on TV and provokes engagement and sticks out in people’s minds. You may well have seen it yourself and remember it!?

To create the video we worked on the Victorian aesthetic and combined it with Royal London’s brand through vivid imagery. The result was a well-struck balance between the two concepts. This animated TV video aired on over 100 TV channels and remained in circulation around the UK for some time.

To learn more animated sales videos and how they could be a fit for your business please get in touch. Our team relishes the chance to discuss a new project and can discuss creative ways in which to present your concept and help drive your sales promotion. You can call us on 0207 2886 319 or email the team at

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