If you need to share complex data in a digestible format, an infographic video is an ideal solution.

An infographic video can simplify complicated information by displaying them visually, either as a static image or as an engaging animation. They can cover any subject, from simple data representations to detailed analytics and statistical breakdowns. Using images, icons and illustrations to tell the story, information becomes easier to understand. Infographics are more digestible too; their visual format makes it simple for viewers to spot patterns and trends, without needing to sift through endless data sheets or lengthy presentations. Demand for infographics has increased dramatically over the past few years and they remain one of the most shareable content formats on social media.

Infographics are reasonably quick to produce, so they have lower production costs compared to many other forms of animation. This is because they use existing information, rather than creating new content from scratch. The information is collated from established sources, then designed into an image rich representation that is displayed on-screen.

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As the digital landscape evolves, video is becoming one of the most popular and engaging storytelling platforms for marketers. Static image infographics are still effective, but audiences are proven to spend 88% more time on websites that have video content.

This is where animated infographic videos can work their magic…

By bringing your infographics to life with motion, you’ll enjoy better engagement from your audience. Your facts and figures will be more memorable too – viewers retain 95% of the information in a video compared to just 10% when reading it in text!

An animated infographic will bring your information to life. Much like other animated video formats, your story will flow through a series of carefully constructed scenes – and you can even add music and voiceover for extra wow factor. 

You can use infographics to display a large variety of data. There are multiple versatile ways to achieve this such as maps, timelines or exploded views, just to name just a few. Animated infographics can support pretty much any project or goal, including product or service explanations, education, business development, recruitment, training, corporate videos or just pure entertainment!

See below for examples of animated infographics we’ve produced for our clients. If you would like to find out more about how animation could help your business, do get in touch.

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