An animated tv advert is a form of video that enables a company to advertise itself in a compelling memorable way to a large national or international audience.

Get More Bang For Your Buck

As technology has improved and become faster and cheaper, more and more we are seeing a surge in the number of companies turning to animation. They can use it as a way to tell a comprehensive story to prospective customers. This is due to the many benefits it offers a company in terms of production & flexibility.

Animation is also able to work around production delays, allowing for changes in the later stages. This means that if you want to tweak something in the latter stages of the process you won’t have to empty your pockets in order to set up the shoot all over again.

Give Your Imagination Free Rein

An animated tv advert also has the ability to achieve inconceivable things in real life. Adding to the memorable nature that makes advertising campaigns successful.

Animated TV adverts can provide a much lower cost option compared to traditional advertising. Live action adverts have to hire actors, models or renowned individuals. Animation can create bespoke characters that not only align with your brand but can look exactly how you want them to down to the finest detail, no matter how over the top. For example, if you wanted a giant green dragon to be the face of your company, you’d do well to find one willing to commit to live action adverts. Why not have us create one for you instead?

Engage Your Audience

Animated TV adverts are generally fun to watch and help to create a higher viewer engagement than a traditional advert. It helps it to stand out and not fade into the background. The ability for the animation to also easily involve humour, keeps the viewer entertained. Additionally, it invites the sharing of that content and the potential for it to go viral. After all, who doesn’t want their company to become a social media phenomenon? This bonus marketing potential is one that has been capitalized on by many companies. 

Conversely, choosing a style of animated TV advert that plays on the heartstrings of your audience is easily achievable within the scope of animation. By using common or current issues, this allows the animation to relate to peoples’ lives more. 

Using inspirational messages can help strengthen a brand and are often universal in their appeal. Tie that in with animation and you have a winning combination.

Broaden Your Audience

TV advertising enables a business to reach a far wider audience, leading to increased brand awareness. Everybody and their mother owns a TV in the UK and beyond, allowing for a huge boost in brand exposure. 

Animated TV adverts can also appeal to a wider audience in a more demographic sense, drawing the attention of young and old regardless of any potential social differences. Let’s be honest, who didn’t love animation as a child and still hold some of their animated favourites close to their hearts? Also, regardless of their age, gender or any other social label, individuals are far more inclined to remember a distinctive animated video than another actor’s face gracing their screen.

Combine TV And Digital

Campaigns that use TV and online in tandem are very powerful. They have the ability to convert customers across multiple channels simultaneously.

By tapping into all the resources available at hand, a company using animated TV ads can rebrand and reshape the content easily for different channels. This allows for increased reusability and variety all in one neatly packaged animated TV advert.

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