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Animation in education is growing increasingly popular as schools, colleges and universities begin to harness its infinite potential. From showcasing complex projects and research findings to showing off your institution to potential students, staff and stakeholders, animation in education can do it all.

What Can Animation In Education Achieve?

A better question would be, ‘what can’t animation in education achieve’!? And the answer is, ‘nothing’! As a bespoke video production agency, there is no limit to what we can create for your school or higher education environment. So, if you have an idea, a challenge, an opportunity or a vision, we can help you bring it to life through the power of animation.

As experts in the field of animation in education, we can help you choose the best animation style, design format, storyline and online channels to get your video seen by the right people

Is Animation Right For Education?

Animation in education is ideal because it lends itself so well to various ages and audiences. For EYFS pupils, schools can use animation to replicate the sense of wonder and natural curiosity that young people possess.

Older children and teenagers will respond to animation thanks to its cool tech appeal and escapism from the ordinary into a world of extraordinary possibilities. Schools can also use animation in education to convey concepts and ideas to external stakeholders, board members and parents.

Universities tend to benefit from animation that’s slick, relatable and aspirational – it’s the perfect medium for inspiring future leaders and explaining

Inspire Creativity & Drive Focus

Animation as a learning tool has the potential to ignite creativity and open new avenues for students in the promotion of arts and animation. It also allows students to think differently about a potential subject matter and approach it from a new and more visual perspective than other educational tools would allow. Animation can also have a positive impact on increasing students focus and engagement in a topic compared with more traditional learning methods. Videos tend to be fast paced, informative and are designed with the focus of helping people absorb key information that otherwise might be more difficult to convey.

Where To Begin With An Education Animation?

If you’re exploring animation in education, it’s key to understand your audience and the message you’re trying to convey. A strong concept, cohesive storyline, clear message and strong call to action are the foundation – the animation brings it all to life.

Whenever we take on new projects, we’ll begin with a remote or face-to-face chat about your objectives, audience and ideal outcomes. We’ll then put together some concepts for you to review and  build a bespoke quote based on your budget. Then, the magic begins. We’ll create a storyboard that will become your animation. This is a really exciting process and we’ll keep you informed throughout the process so you know what to expect!

Bring Research Projects To Life

We regularly talk to and work with Universities that are keen to bring their funded research projects to life via the medium of animation. With one of the main benefits of animation being the ability to engage audiences and display potentially difficult to absorb information, it often works exceptionally well when looking to summarise findings.

How To Present Data

Making The Grade

Animation in education relies on using the right channels to showcase your animation video. Social media, email and your own website are all valuable channels that your animation might call home. But it’s important that you do some research to understand the channels your audience uses so your video gets the right traction – this is something we can help with. We’ll also help you include analytics tracking so you can measure how your video performs.

If you’re keen to find out more about animation in education, get in touch! We’d love to find out about your school or university and discuss how we can help you achieve your goals through animation.

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