Healthcare Animation Introduction

A healthcare animation is a powerful tool for conveying messages in a clear and engaging way. In particular, healthcare animation can help you simplify complex terms and present information at the right tone for your audience. It can inspire, motivate and incite action. This makes it the perfect medium for communicating to audiences within the medical and healthcare industries.

Medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have started using medical animation to showcase their wide and diverse range of products, services and advancements. The most complicated ideas, theories and processes in healthcare can now be shown and explained quickly and clearly, with the help of a healthcare animation.

The Growth Of Healthcare Animation

Healthcare animation is a growing medium for improving patient communication. Encouraging a patient to watch a video that inducts them into a process can be far simpler and more effective than an individual doctor explaining it verbally. Medical professionals have found that animations can convey important information to the patient, even before they see a doctor for the first time. If a patient searches for medical help online first, which is becoming more and more common, a video on the website can provide medical institutions with the tools to share vital information. A video can help a prospective patient understand their medical conditions, the medicine they may need to take or even the procedures they may have to undergo. With healthcare animation, it’s possible to zoom down to a molecular level, slow things down and generally, do many things that would be impossible in live-action filming.

Simplify Your Product/Service

Animation is a key player when it comes to simplifying complex models, devices and methods. Something that may take much longer to explain through text or a voiceover can be explained in seconds with animation. Creating a healthcare animation to share an aspect of your healthcare organisation, whether to a business audience or straight to the patient, will free up your time to focus on other, more vital jobs.

healthcare animation

Medical Explainer Videos

Healthcare animations are produced with an emphasis on accurate visualisation and clear explanations. They’re also sometimes called medical explainer videos. Whatever you choose to call them, healthcare animations or medical explainer videos are adaptable and one version can usually be adjusted for different audiences, rather than needing to create new versions each time. This project we completed with Devyser helped to explain a new complicated process they had developed in a visually interesting and engaging way. 

Visualise The Process

Medical animations for visualising processes inside the body are most commonly seen using 3D Animation. They can depict an incredible array of microscopic processes and functions. However, this is just one small sector of healthcare animations. Animation can be used in marketing to explain complicated topics to an audience without worrying about technical topics. It can also be used to connect with audiences through video marketing strategies via social media or a video on a website landing page. 

healthcare animation
healthcare animation

Benefit The Patient

Using healthcare animations can only benefit the patient, allowing them to feel secure and far more prepared before going to their appointment. Once inside a medical facility, animation can further help medical professionals in their roles. Many patients do not have in-depth knowledge in medicine so it can be time consuming for doctors to explain complex conditions or procedures in a digestible way. Furthermore, a patient may not want to see real footage of medical procedures and animation creates a non-graphic way for them to visualise a potential procedure. Medical animation is a more accessible and palatable channel for informing or preparing patients – it allows the healthcare professional and patient to find common ground. 

Healthcare Animation For Training

A healthcare animation can also be an effective tool for training medical professionals. Due to the level of detail that can be shown and the amount of information that can be condensed into a single visual animation, this type of video is ideal for training. Educators can use the tools of animation to explain a broad range of topics to their audience. This is important for medical professionals in training who benefit from clear and precise instructions on how to use certain pieces of equipment. 

In all these scenarios, animation can help to improve various methods of communication within the healthcare and medical sectors.

When it comes to creating powerful healthcare animations that can inform, educate, prepare or reassure viewers, this is what we do best and is where our experience lies.

Time To Transform Your Healthcare Marketing

Being a specialist in medical video marketing and having worked with a variety of different clients in the healthcare sector, we have learnt how to get the most from your animated video. Be it to showcase a new product or service or to explain something to a patient we can work with you to ensure the messaging is clear, concise and engaging. You can also get in contact with us to talk through your creative vision. We are here to help you tell your story.

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