Sport Animation Introduction

Sport animation is a brilliant way of bringing new life to some of the world’s most popular – as well as its most obscure – sports. From events to branding to explainer videos, improve your sport brand’s performance through the use of animation.

With the power of animation, you can turn up the hype for an event, appeal to a younger fanbase or provide a new perspective on a particular sporting activity. Options vary greatly in terms of both style and context. Recreate an entire sporting event in an eye-catching manner, retell a rags-to-riches success story or add animated elements to live action footage for that extra injection of pizazz. Using animation allows you to offer a new perspective through your view of the sporting world.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Animation In Sport? 

The array of different ways that you can utilise animation in the world of sporting activity are limited only by your imagination. You can bring sport to life in a way that is entirely different to using live action footage alone and, in the process, open your audience’s mind to a fresh outlook.

Here at The Animation Guys, we specialise in relaying stories to viewers through a range of animation techniques. We endeavour to add colour and energy to the world of sport, bringing it to life and portraying its significance through a creative channel.

Inspire The Next Generation

Nothing inspires young sports fans like their idols’ backstories. To get a taste of the sheer determination and immeasurable passion that got them to the top is infectious and it adds an extra element of emotional value to the spectacle. Animation is notoriously influential with younger crowds, allowing you to hold their attention and invigorate their imagination more effectively.

Animated videos also provide an exciting avenue through which sporting brands can portray events that were not actually caught on video. Take this project that we did with the BBC for example. By using animation we were able to bring life to British boxer Caroline Dubois’ incredible story and help viewers visualise the ups and downs that she faced on her path to the Olympics.

Create Hype For The Big Event

Using animation in sport is the perfect way to make your next big event different and more memorable in front of your target audience. Thanks to unique styles, standout colour schemes and limitless possibilities, animation is a creative means of grabbing attention when advertising the next big match, tournament or event. Entirely adaptable and easily personalised, using animation to market a sporting event allows you to portray it in whatever manner you choose and stringently adhere to branding.

A Vehicle For Explanation

Animation is frequently used as a means of explaining everything from complex technical concepts to health and safety rules. It can be an effective means of adding excitement to content that would otherwise have to be presented in a drawl of text. It also allows you to cover pages of information in mere seconds, helping to effectively condense information. Thanks to this, animation is a brilliant vehicle for explaining sports to others. Whether it be introducing budding sports fans to the basics or elaborating on new concepts to a stalwart fanbase.

Take Your Branding To The Next Level

Sports branding is a notoriously competitive market, with frequent videos of all the biggest stars donning the most hi-tech gear on the market showing up on screens, magazines and billboards across the planet. Due to this, unless they can afford to sponsor the biggest stars on the planet, sports brands need to think outside the box if they are to differentiate themselves from the competition. This is where sports brand animation comes in.

Explain the intricacies of your product in incredible detail, whilst keeping the information intriguing and digestible. Whether through sleek infographics or animated sequences, using animation for your sports brand will help engage your audience in a different way.

To learn more about the world of sport animation and how we can work with your organisation to achieve your goals, you can get in touch with our team. You can email us at or call us on 0207 2886 319.

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