As any business in the service industry will know, people buy from people. So one of the best ways to build credibility and earn a potential customer’s trust is to tell a story from the perspective of a current customer. This is where testimonial videos come in.

An animated testimonial video helps potential customers see the more human side of a company and the people who work with them. Hearing the voices and seeing the faces of real people talking about real life situations carries much more weight than just a written testimonial. It lets a customer go past the professional exterior and experience how it might actually feel to work with (or use the service of) a company.

An animated testimonial video can be one of the final deciding factors in a customer’s journey when they’re choosing a product or service. They might have researched the offering in great depth, watched some explainer videos to grasp how everything works and compared prices with competitors. If they’re happy with the specifics, it’s the people and culture that could seal the deal. Put simply, testimonial videos can be the final nudge that will encourage a customer to choose your company over another.

While most animated testimonial videos make use of the talking heads format, the opportunities are far more expansive. Here at The Animation Guys, our expertise in animation and motion graphics means we can weave animated elements into live action footage. That might mean illustrating or emphasising points as they’re made. Or adding in supporting facts and figures.

If you think testimonial videos could help your business, check out some of our work below then drop us a line.

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