This lesser known type of animated video has become more and more popular in recent years. With organisations looking to efficiently onboard their clients and explain their process and way of working it has become a vital accessory to enhancing branding and working more effectively.

An Introduction To A New Type Of Video…

At the Animation Guys we like to make sure the types of videos we produce fit precisely what our clients need. And over the years we noticed a growing trend towards a certain type of video. That’s why we coined the term ‘Animated Process Video’.

An animated process video is very similar to the more commonly known ‘Explainer Video’. However, the key difference is that an animated process video more accurately depicts many of the projects we have worked on recently where a B2B client wants to explain a process or way of working rather than introducing a problem and then solving it with a product/service – which is more typically the role of an explainer video. 

Visualising The Process

One of Animation’s great strengths is how it can convey complex messages in a clear, concise and easy-to-understand formula. For explaining a process, this is ideal. For B2B companies in particular an animated process video gives you a chance to turn a potentially static difficult to absorb set of instructions into a fluid and engaging concept that users truly understand. For explaining your working style, set of instructions or next steps, an animated video helps your audience visualise the process, making it easier to understand.

A Process Video In Motion

Picture the scene, you’re a large company that has just signed a new client and want to clearly and easily explain how you work, the next steps and what they should expect. Rather than sending over a large document or the classic slide deck with next steps, what if you were to send a video? Not only is this a quicker way of conveying your process but it’s also a far more stimulating way for people to absorb this information. It also has the benefit of visually showing how certain elements of your product/service works to help the user achieve a greater level of understanding. 

Optimise Your Onboarding Process

A key reason for considering an animated process video is to enhance your client onboarding experience. Not only does this type of video help simplify the process and improve a user’s understanding of how your company works, it also clearly enhances your branding and credibility in the client’s eyes. But, it’s not just the client’s perception that is the main positive here. The key thing that an animated process does in helping with the onboarding process is save you time. It saves needless meetings, email communications and the sending of various documentation to clients and then follow ups to ensure they have made the time to read it. It also, if produced effectively, should reduce or eliminate questions or misunderstanding from clients. Again, this helps you be more efficient and use up less time.

An Example Of A Process Video

Working with Build Aviator who specialise in providing services to help clients build intelligently throughout each stage of the building process – we produced an animated process video.  The video was designed to work through each stage of their process and provide clear communication plus help answer any questions regarding the way in which their service works. To make the video multidimensional we made sure to design it in both portrait and square format so it could be used on social media platforms to increase engagement and enhance its use within the marketing funnel. 

Interested In An Animated Process Video?

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