Looking for a way to boost brand awareness and sales for your B2C company? Product animation may be the perfect way to help your brand and product stand out. The world of e-commerce is rife with endless competitors vying for a spot in the public eye, with each looking to differentiate themselves in innovative new ways.

By promoting your product through the medium of animation, you will have the opportunity to present it in a unique manner that perfectly matches your brand vision. The available combination of options for how you present your product and the style of animation that you use are nothing short of limitless.

Choose How To Package Your Product (Literally)

They say not to judge a book by its cover. However, when it comes to packaging, that’s typically exactly what the brands are after. 3D product animation allows you to not only highlight the best bits about your product, but also the bells and whistles that make it evolve beyond being a mere product and transform it into a distinctive experience.

Packaging is a crucial part of the customer journey within certain industries. Consider perfumes, for example. Without the intricate branding, you’d simply be selecting one clear liquid above another. 3D product animation allows us to flaunt the very best features of your perfume through visual marketing strategies that capture the product’s essence to perfection.

Promote Your Product In Your Own Way

One of the key benefits of utilising product animation is the limitless array of ways in which you can present your wears to the world. The creative freedom that goes hand in hand with animation allows you to truly match your original vision with your finalised video content. Regardless of what it is that you produce, it can be brought to life in a way that cannot be offered by live action shoots.

Thanks to this, you can ensure that brand guidelines are adhered to from start to finish and that it is tailored to the exact purpose for which it was produced. Let’s consider it in the context of the fashion industry. Arguably the sector in which the strategy and execution of visual branding is at its most crucial, it’s important to get even the most minute details correct.

3D product animation brings together clothing and branding in an intricate manner that cannot be replicated by any other branding tool.

Enlighten Your Audience

Whether you are a new company in the industry or an established stalwart releasing a new idea, it is crucial that you show your audience what your product is about and why they will benefit from it. Animation allows you to condense important and interesting information into just a few minutes or even seconds of footage.

Using formats such as stylish infographics or engaging explainer videos, product animation is a brilliant avenue for showing off your product’s greatest features in a slick and compelling manner. Nowhere is this more important than in the tech industry.

Often the concept of your product itself can be difficult to explain. Therefore, depicting the benefits that come from it becomes your greatest means of communication. Enter 3D animation and its ability to explain not only why people should use your product but also why they need your product.

Take Your Product To New Places

By adding an element of animation to your product marketing strategy, you can tamper with the boundaries of how your product is advertised overall. Want to display the different contexts in which your product can be used? Sure. Want graphics displaying all the benefits that your product offers? You’ve got it. Want to depict how your product would function on the surface of the moon? No problem. Product animation allows you to depict your brand’s creations how you want and where you want without restriction.

Effectively Merge Branding And Product

All successful brands seamlessly combine their products and branding. It is through this that the quality of your products fast becomes associated with your company and vice versa. Animation gives you the opportunity to do so in a literal sense. Implement your logo, company colour scheme and slogans into your video footage and associations between brand and product will soon be established.

Another option is to implement brand characters, such as this project that we did with bespoke merchandise creators Shout. By incorporating their company mascot “Bob” into the still shots of Shout’s merchandising products, the logo quickly becomes linked with the services on offer.

UI animated product demo videos

There’s also a whole world of animated UI videos related to UI products. If that’s what you are after we have a helpful page on that here!

To learn more on how you can use product animation to benefit your company and how we can help to achieve your goals, get in touch with our team. You can email us at wecanhelp@theanimationguys.com or call us on 0207 2886 319.

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