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We’ve all been there. Sat in a two hour meeting watching slides be clicked and clicked and clicked and clicked as they fade on by. Your eyes are tactically focused on the slides but your brain is drifting away, teasing you with thoughts of a weekend BBQ and fun with friends. Whilst the fictitious smell of grilled halloumi and a cold beer cloud your thoughts, the 16% load factor increase and commitment to offsetting 4% of bond yields become more difficult to absorb.

This is where the power of animation makes all the difference.

The idea of an animated report is to tell a story and package up key messaging, numbers and overall sentiment into an easy to absorb animated story. From an end of year annual review to a research report, using animation allows your findings and data to be presented in a clear, fluid and concise manner that keeps viewers captivated and makes potentially complex messages more easily digestible.

Speed Up Without Losing Focus

A key benefit of an animated report is the ability to showcase numbers and key messages in a shorter space of time. Compared with a more traditional slideshow or paper document, an animated report condenses data into a much more concise format that packs the punch of your key messages without cutting any corners. In this sustainability animation we worked on for the BDC,  the aim was to convey key information about their sustainability efforts in a short yet enticing video format. As you can see the video is just over 1 minute long, but is able to deliver as many as eight stats/key messages without feeling rushed or overwhelming.

Wow Your Audience

Impressing your audience is the end goal of any report and an animated report will do just that. If the report’s aim is to deliver a groundbreaking piece of research or to try and win over key stakeholders, animation can empower your key messaging and lure in your captive audience. From working with multiple clients on their first animated reports, we often hear that their key challenges are finding innovative ways to showcase the fantastic work that they are doing to key stakeholders. This holds true for many in the education and charity sectors that do awe inspiring work, but are often challenged with how to present their impressive achievements to supporters and stakeholders. 

If you’re not sure how your report would translate to an animation then give us a call. Our animation team will relish the challenge of talking with you about your project.

Enhance Your Branding

An animated report allows your brand to visually depict itself in a positive light whilst reinforcing core brand values. It can be themed to match your brand guidelines and include colours, logos, fonts or soundbites that are used to underpin key messages contained within the report. In a project we worked on with the Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council, we were presented with the challenge of working with one of the world’s most identifiable brands. Working closely with CCRRC we took time to understand their requirements and knew that attention to detail would be key to ensuring the project was delivered successfully. The overall result? Take a look and let us know what you think.

Ready To Report?

To breathe some life into your reporting we strongly believe in the power of an animated report. From saving you time to massively increasing audience engagement, animation can improve your processes and deliver stunning visuals designed to reinforce key takeaways. To learn more about our process we recommend getting in touch. We’d love to learn about your ideas and can discuss thoughts and recommendations for how to approach the project. To get in touch you can call us on  0207 2886 319 or email us at

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