Insurance Animation Introduction

Expertly crafted animated videos can help people navigate complex, information-heavy topics. If keeping customers informed & up to date is a key USP for you, then animation can help you achieve that in a fun and effective way.

We all know videos are far more interesting than long paragraphs of text, including the one you’re reading! If you’re an insurance company, you may be at a disadvantage when it comes to marketing your product and informing your customers. It’s not because insurance is boring, it’s just that insurance isn’t the sort of thing that can be easily explained conventionally. When you have something as complex as insurance, even when it is amazing and interesting. It’s not going to engage and grab anyone if nobody can understand it easily. This is where an insurance animation fits in.

The Benefits Of Animation

An insurance animation is designed and crafted by a bespoke animation company, hooking your audience immediately. Without having to rely on drawbacks that may inhibit a live-action production, and racking up additional costs. An insurance animation is unburdened by such earthly tethers. If you can think it, then it can be done.

Why Animation Works So Well

One key reason animation works so well for insurance is that animated videos deliver ideas, concepts and messages in a clearly and engagingly. These messages can be very complex and still, they can be shown in an easily digestible way. This is what has made animation so popular a medium. By showing a complex idea visually, you can help people to understand something that they wouldn’t have if they had read a long paragraph our work of text. We created a bright and fun explainer video for Grenson Motors to help explain Gap insurance for vehicles. We did this using a character-led video that keeps the viewer engaged, delivering fun & comedy in the process!

Improving Understanding

Additionally, insurance animations are especially great at discussing difficult topics within insurance such as billing statements, policy coverage or endorsements. By explaining your services in a clear way to your audience, you are more likely to connect with them and stop them from switching off. This makes it easy for people to grasp the concepts and understand the advantages of different policies & services.

Connecting With The Customer

Customers appreciate unique videos that tie into the branding they know and chose for their insurance. When we created a Feature Promo for Home & Legacy, we tied the colour of the animation into the established colour palettes they had for each of their different services. This enables their audience to link what they are viewing in the video & what they are already used to dealing with.

Time To Revolutionise Insurance Understanding

Many insurance companies have also turned to animated videos to help gain customer attention, improve the transparency and understanding of their services. Just as new Fintech companies have revolutionised the banking sector and made things clearer and easier for consumers, animation can do that for insurance.

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