There is a misconception that small means less. But their are plenty of benefits of working with small businesses.

Small businesses have many advantages over their larger competitors. Larger companies can often be hampered by their size. They are slow to change direction with their approach, meaning less innovation.

What you are guaranteed with a big company is that you will get a job done, and it will be done, in time. But it won’t necessarily be the job you want.

We reveal the 5 benefits of working with small 2D and 3D animation studios.

1. There are fewer layers of management.

This means you will get to speak to whoever is actually in charge. A direct line to the source and you won’t have to deal with people who don’t have the authority to make the changes you desire. On top of this, the customer genuinely is important to a small business, because they are probably managing only one or two projects at a time. They are focused on you. You don’t have an over-worked understudy managing multiple projects and losing sight of your requirements.

2. The Company Structure is lean, it’s mean, it’s a fighting machine.

Well maybe not a fighting machine…

Because you have less people, you have less layers of management, it becomes very important to that company that they have an efficient structure. People know who does what, whose job it is to do which tasks, so when you throw that inevitable curveball, they know who in their team is the right person to deal with it, and deal with it quickly.

This makes them flexible, adaptable and efficient when compared to a lumbering giant corporation. The employees are more engaged in the business, understanding the bigger picture
and the customer’s needs, allowing for both an understanding of how their own company works and increased customer satisfaction.

3. An almost family feel

As we said before, a smaller company is by necessity much closer to the client and by default much more open to the client’s suggestions and thoughts.

Internally, with fewer people, you are likely going to get a close-knit group of people who interact constantly. Meaning, something you say to one of them will likely be passed onto all of them.

More people know the client’s thoughts, so less slips under the radar.

On top of this, the internal familiarity makes the working environment more friendly. You will often find there is more enthusiasm and energy going into each of the projects because of it.

And finally, a more friendly work environment, coupled with more contact with the client means you will begin to form genuine bonds with the people that you’ve hired. This, in turn, makes it easier to talk about the project and discuss particular elements of it. Parts you either aren’t happy about or that aren’t quite what was envisaged.

4. Specialist Skillsets

A smaller company will have a more precise focus and so will specialise particularly in a single field. They may do more than their tin suggests, however, that speciality is their bread and butter, their raison d’étre.

For example, us. The Animation Guys. We make a variety of videos. We love playing with interactive videos, we’ve done music videos. However, our speciality is animation, and it is just
that, a speciality.

There is an argument, though, that by specialising like this, that the client won’t get the full service that they need, that a larger company could supply. Which leads us nicely to our final point.

5. Linked into a network of other specialists

Arguably one of a small company’s most powerful tools is its network. The ability to collaborate with others who also specialise in a particular area.

For example, we routinely work with several other companies and feel comfortable doing so.

There are no corporate hoops to jump through to work with the best in the business. Like March, a brand and web-developing company. This ability to pass along work, is immensely beneficial for a small company, because the more you collaborate, the more people will collaborate with you. It can become a rich source of new business.

This is also beneficial for the client because once again they get a specialised, attentive group of individuals ready to work on their project and achieve the best results possible.


Whilst a small company does have its limitations, they are able to turn those limitations into benefits through collaborative work.

With a smaller company, you get a more personable, adaptable, and personal service from a group of passionate specialists.

The advantage of this network of specialists is that each of the businesses knows the strengths and weaknesses of the other, having worked with each other before. For example, you may need someone to develop the back-end of your website with a complex e-commerce system and database. You wouldn’t then go to a web developer more adept at handling design and front-end development.

In this scenario, the client benefits from the existing relationship and knowledge of a network of collaborating small businesses.

Now that you know the benefits of working with small 2D and 3D animation companies, learn more about us and our animation services.