Some things in life are constant at this time of the year. The January sales, brand new gym memberships and then of course our yearly review of video marketing and animation trends for the upcoming year. For all of you history lovers you can look back at our Animation Trends 2020 and Animation Trends 2021. But those of you itching to hear our predictions for the year ahead, look no further.

A Push To Sustainability & Climate Change Animations

This year we were thrilled to have the opportunity to work on a project and cause that is close to our heart. Working with The FACT Dialogue, we created a suite of animations for them to present at COP26 in Glasgow, highlighting the devastating impact of deforestation.

While we relished the opportunity to be involved in such a project. We believe this sector that will grow rapidly in the future, with video marketing and animation in particular helping underpin the core messaging.

The beauty of animation is its ability to conceptualise elements that can be difficult to understand. While climate change is most certainly real, it can sometimes be difficult to tangibly understand and absorb the data. Animation brings this to life, and helps captivate audiences that may otherwise not be as engaged by the cause.

Transforming More Traditional Marketing Sectors

In our recent report we reached out to professionals in different sectors and asked them whether or not video marketing was being used effectively in their sector. While traditionally younger, more B2C sectors such as Retail and Sport came out relatively well, more traditional and B2B sectors such as Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Education all suffered.

For 2022 we believe more people than ever in these sectors will adopt new approaches to marketing that encompass video and specifically animation. But why? Because in marketing: success is contagious! When concepts and ideas show proven results and engagement, it encourages other people and sectors to explore new options and try new things.

An example of this is a recent video we did for Devyser that helped explain a complex process that had developed in a visually captivating way. With projects like these helping to break down more complex processes, we don’t think it will be long before these more traditional industries start to diversify their marketing strategies.

Video Marketing That Uses Clean, Bright Multicolour Gradients with Geometric Shapes

Something our animation studio has seen more of recently, and particularly enjoys, is the use of clean but impactful colour gradients using geometric shapes. A fantastic example of this in practice is shown below in the video from Tezos.

This fluid movement combined with strong, bright colours and clean visuals are certainly a design trend we expect to see more of as we enter 2022. Just what catchy name we will end up calling this trend, we’re not sure yet! Watch this space…

Representing 3D in a 2D way

Another design trend the studio has been seeing more of is the way in which 2D animation is being used to illustrate 3D type of effects. In the video from Netflix’s Arcane, you can see this technique in action with its emphasis on hand painted textures to add depth and give the feeling of an immersive 3D environment.

Another visually stunning example of this technique at work is from motionographer Tim Fox. In this documentary he created for the brand Sublime, it features 90s nostalgia throwback alongside rich colours, depth and hand drawn thin lines to provide that 3D feeling in the classic 2D format.

Virtual Reality Animation

This feels like a trend that pops up every year and is relevant to so many industries. But could 2022 finally be the year that virtual reality really makes its mark?

At present, virtual reality and animation is mainly associated with gaming, with popular products such the Oculus Quest making its mark. These virtual reality experiences allow gamers to transform their gameplay from traditional environments on screen to immersive worlds that feel like real life to the player.

animated marketing videos

With the technology becoming more mainstream, it provides an opportunity for animators to create more realistic and mesmeric imagery to change the way people absorb media. This is made possible by virtual reality allowing creators the functionality of including spatial awareness and other more detailed elements, such as lighting and accurate dimensions

The potential of virtual reality is enormous, and as a studio we are excited by what it might hold for the sector.

As 2022 evolves we’re excited to see the developments within the industry from both our wonderful team in the studio and from motion graphics experts across the world. To talk over animation styles, a concept you’d like to run by us, or a cool and innovative project you have planned for 2022, drop us a line. We can’t wait to hear from you and wish you all a wonderful festive break and prosperous new year.