We’ve always been proud to work with and support charities around the world in their fundraising efforts. While some front line charities are being supported by people’s wonderful generosity during the current circumstances, others are finding their more traditional methods of fundraising are being hampered. 

At present, traditional fundraising methods such as door to door fundraising, fundraising events, charity shop revenue, and face to face sign ups are struggling. As such charities are working tirelessly to look at alternative methods of fundraising to meet their goals and help promote their mission.

At The Animation Guys we not only want to help charities solve problems through providing solutions but also want to help with charity marketing strategy and look at the bigger picture for how we can help drive fundraising efforts. With COVID-19 altering the current fundraising landscape we sat down and put together some innovative fundraising ideas using animation that charities could benefit from to help boost fundraising initiatives.

Online Acquisition

As many charities use social media marketing in their fundraising efforts, conveying the best and most engaging advert becomes a priority. Using animation in online adverts is an excellent way to capture a user’s interest and educate them on your cause and key messages.

In a project we worked on for Network For Animals we produced a short animation conveying the importance of education and awareness in the protection of animals. The video displayed a clear and meaningful message that was tastefully mixed with humour to help make the animation more shareable and engaging for an online audience.

Supporter Emails

Email marketing is a cornerstone of fundraising activity, with animation having the power to help enhance that channel even further. From new supporter emails informing donors of how their donation will help, to re-engaging lapsed supporters, the animation goes above and beyond the traditional text and image combo. With a thumbnail preview of your video embedded in an email campaign, you’ll be surprised at just how much your campaign click-through rates will jump!

To help with their supporter emails, we worked alongside information and support charity The Mix to produce a short video helping them convey their services for the under 25s. The video showcased how The Mix can help provide support for young people as well as the suite of services that they are able to provide.

Website Donation Page

All fundraisers know the importance of landing pages and most importantly the website’s donation page. Keeping users engaged and active on the website and improving their average session duration is a pivotal way to increase your donation conversion rate. What better way to do this than through having an animated video to capture people’s attention? A study even found that having a video present on a landing page can increase conversions by up to 80%! 

We worked in partnership with Crisis, a national charity that focuses on homelessness. They wanted an animation that they could use on their website to help illustrate and raise awareness of the problems of homelessness.  

How Can You Revolutionise Your Fundraising Marketing?

We love to work with charities and support them with fundraising marketing ideas. If you need some inspiration for a fundraising campaign or want to refresh some of your existing marketing elements then please do get in touch. You can call us on 0207 288 6319 or email us at wecanhelp@theanimationguys.com