The Brief

So, we teamed up with Goldwala and CBeebies again to take on a super exciting project – the 3D animated intro sequence for the second series of “What’s in Your Bag?” This time around, we’re bringing in more real-world textures and scenarios to the 3D animated intro to really link into the whole bag theme. And let us tell you, the characters have been pushed in their design, and their locations in the intro take the creative to a whole new level.

Our Response

Buckle up, guys – this project is going to be an adventure! We’re thrilled to be partnering with Goldwala and CBeebies for the second series of “What’s in Your Bag?” We’re taking everything we learned from the first series and amping it up to make the second series even more engaging and exciting for young viewers. For starters, we’ve brought in a whole bunch of real-world textures and scenarios to the 3D animated intro sequence to link into the whole “What’s in Your Bag?” theme. Think zippers, buttons, and all kinds of fun surprises to check out below! But that’s not all – we’ve also pushed the characters in their design, giving them even more personality and spunk than before.

Now airing on CBeebies, dive into the fascinating contents of different bags and explore the incredible people who use them. We’re excited to be part of such an innovative and educational project and can’t wait to see how it inspires young viewers to explore new interests and passions. Let’s do this!

Look Development

Celebrity Cast

What our client Said

“Producing our first ever animated video was a scary proposition and uncharted territory for us as an agency. Working with The Animation Guys they put us at ease, listened to our ideas and made the process come to life. They’re genuinely decent, honest and hard-working people that ultimately produce first-class animation videos. We couldn’t be happier with our final product and no doubt will return to them for a follow up video at some point! Fully recommend.”

Beth Hellowell

Managing Partner @ Signify Digital

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