Characterful and Engaging illustrations created in 3D.

The Brief

YAYA is an agency that helps its clients build digital tools. There are a plethora of digital tools out there when it comes to managing data but usability is usually pretty low. Or even absent from the feature list! Digital tools are only as good as the people using them, and if they aren’t used then that’s pretty ineffective, wouldn’t you agree? That’s why YAYA makes innovative tools, created with the user in mind, giving teams the superpower they need!

…But that’s a lot to explain so YAYA wanted high-quality visuals to accompany information on their website to help illustrate these points!


Yaya wanted a fresh eye-catching look to their site. They wanted characterful and striking 3D visualizations to help their audience feel an instant connection with them and help illustrate their offering. One task was bringing to life “Mr and Mrs” YAYA. Brand mascots if you will. An opportunity to bridge the gap between their prospects and them.

Using a few photographs of their team as a reference, we knew we wanted a woman and a man and that the 3D character animation needed to have personality and style.

Understanding YAYA’s target audience was crucial to how we would start to develop the new happy couple. As with anything, first impressions count and our goal was to deliver graphics that would represent a visual company, visually stunning. So questions began to arise…

How would they look? What was the texture like on their snazzy jackets? How box fresh were their sneakers?

3D Character Animation Graphics

We started by talking through the structure of the site and where the graphics were going to live. Began sketching out ideas to visualize it all.

This gave us a chance to get to know their offering more clearly and understand how these images could best add value and purpose on the site.

Once we agreed on the concepts, we took them into our 3D Studio. Below are some behind the scenes work.

3D Character Animation Graphics

Some behind the scenes in our 3D Design Studio

3D Character Animation Graphics

Below you can see an example image from the YAYA website. The brand developed with the stylistic choices we were making in the 3D Assets. It’s always a delight to be an integrated part of a companies design team.

We urge companies to consider planning early for visual development. Often when branding and video creation are done in parrel they can cross-pollinate, thus adding to the overall impact.

3D Character Animation Graphics

The Result

We’re excited to bring Mr and Mrs YAYA into the world and we wish them the best on their journey with the team at YAYA.

What our client Said

“Working with The Animation Guys has been an absolute delight. We were really excited to be working on this project with them. From start to finish they made the process enjoyable and informative. NFA couldn’t be happier with the final product and we very much look forward to working with them again soon.”

Luke Barritt

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