The Brief

Absolut tasked John Doe and The Animation Guys to create a compelling and engaging campaign that would appeal to young adults across major cities in the UK and present alternative and safe ways to get home in the (often boozy) lead up to Christmas.

Our Response

Absolut campaign character header

From the get-go, we were very excited to work with John Doe and Absolut who seemed eager to pursue bold directions and original concepts. Paired with the fact it was a genuine opportunity to make a difference and help people, we were glad to be on board! The initial premise of the project was to bring to life stories about Roman Kemp and his friends and their “Better Journeys Home”. With the aim to engage the good people of the UK  while also giving away free taxi rides on cold, winter nights (Courtesy of Addison Lee).

Our response was to create an attractive and singular style that would be high impact on social media. Using a very vibrant, characterful approach to ensure we were going to get noticed.

Absolut campaign character colour sheet

As usual, it was a very very quick turn around to get all the elements together, so decisions had to be made fast! When we began to settle on some concepts, we all had another wave of excitement. Theo, our Creative Director knocked up rather eye-catching characters and styles that we think you’ll agree are bold and unique, to say the least!


Our friends over at Radioville also worked alongside the campaign to help facilitate the recording of these stories. So one magical Friday night in December, in some fancy smancy Soho recording studio, Roman Kemp and his friends sat down with us all to record the audio for these authentic stories.

Once we’d recorded the audio, we had to move quickly into production to bring these stories to life. With an extremely tight turnaround and a studio full of energy, we saw the beginnings of the animation take form. We needed to get the word out quick so produced a teaser for the animation to appear on Roman Kemps Instagram stories to promote the launch of the campaign.


At the end of the project, when it eventually went live millions of people engaged with the campaign and everyone’s hard work paid off as it spread like wildfire across social channels!

Absolut campaign talking to taxi driver

The Result



Absolut campaign results snapshot

What our client Said

“It’s not often you get a project like this, Everyone at John Doe and Absolut was excited. We felt it was important to really challenge the style and work with some experts in the field. The Animation Guys made the whole process fun and delivered exceptional results at every stage of the project. If you’re looking for a professional partner that truly delivers on what they say, we’d recommend The Animation Guys”

Celine Khor

Head of Brand Experience – John Doe