There is nothing better than exploring interesting ideas with interesting people. We teamed up with our friends over at Contented Brands and got to work on bringing some best practices to life for Berkeley’s.

The brief on this project was to create an animated training video as part of a series that simplified a very complex industry where everything is tailored to the building development and the marketplace. Because of the wide scope of the brief and budget restrictions Contented Brands (film production company) approached us to work with them to create the films.

Contended Brands had a clear understanding of the final vision for the films and were happy for us to use our animation expertise to put the characters and script into action.

The animated training video main aim was to encourage staff to not only think ahead but to think clearly and simply eg cut the waffle and get to the point’

Check out some of the videos below…



What our client Said

The brief for this series of animated films was extremely complex as it covered a very broad area.  I was very pleased with the fast turnaround and creativity shown with regards to this project.  I had not thought of using animation before but it really fitted our needs. The films have been very successful in helping focus our staff on the dangers of not thinking ahead and also from complicating simple messages. All the films embodied the message they were promoting, in that they were clear, concise and also alerted our staff to be curious and not to be scared of asking questions

Sophie Harrison, Communications Manager, Berkeley Group.

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