A 30-second Tv commercial animation for mutual life and pensions company Royal London, highlighting its Over 50s life cover.

The Brief

We were approached by London-based radio advertising agency Radio Ville to produce a new animated TV commercial for their client, Royal London. The agency came to us with a complete script but needed to bring it to life visually.

Our Response

Founded in 1861, Royal London’s advertising often plays on their Britishness and longstanding heritage. With a Victorian theme already in place, The Animation Guys were tasked with creating an aesthetic that would have the charm of an old Victorian puppet theatre. We knew this would work on tv and also stand out in peoples minds. We did some research into these old methods and made sure to fit our style into this well established aethetic style.

TV Commercial for Royal London
TV Commercial for Royal London

Working in collaboration with Radio Ville, we started building out a visual environment that combined depth, visual interest and animation potential while being closely aligned with Royal London’s brand. We did this through the use of colours and also imagery. It was important to us to find that balance between this victorian aesthetic and also ensure it still fitted with Royal Londons current brand

Once the environment was defined, we started storyboarding. This is an important part of the process allowing us and the client to visualise the final piece and the story beats within it. Once the story board is locked off we progress into drawing out the assets. On this project it was especially important to nail the puppet style visual language first time around. We feel like we succeeded in this regard. Finally, it was time to animate. This is where we saw the advert really come alive. here at The Animation Guys we are very happy with the finished 30-second tv commercial.

TV Commercial for Royal London

Project stills

The Result

The commercial aired on over 100 TV stations, with seven executions delivered for different regions of the UK. It stayed in circulation for some time. It is always a pleasure to see the work you have completed in the studio outside in the real world.

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