An effective and clear brand explainer video for a modern company, that works with brands and their fans! Did that rhyme? I think it did.

The Brief

FreshMovement, is an innovative marketing consultancy that specialises in helping Brands connect with their fans. Often brands aren’t using social media for what it’s been designed for and FreshMovement want to change that, they exist to disrupt the way brands communicate with their fans. They needed a video that captures their pre-existing brand identity whilst also elevating it in a ‘Fresh’ way.

We created a brand explainer video that stood out from the crowd & differentiated itself from the pack to break through the noise in a reliable & authentic way.

Our Response

Getting the tone spot on

Fresh Movement has an extremely clear brand identity. We needed to embody that style within the animation style for their brand explainer video. This is to retain a united aesthetic across its website and extended media. Their established branding across their website and social media accounts uses bold colours, subtle gradients and unique defined shapes. We utilised these key identifiers to create dramatic and bold outcomes during the style frame process, mirroring their mission statement which is to be disruptive and stand out.

Showing off what they do

We captured the effect that Fresh Movement will have on a businesses’ customers. How Fresh Movement goes above the corporate waffle and looking at the impact that will have. This lead to including multiple shots and references to what the company does.  Showing off how they work and what their future customers can expect when they work with them.

A key part of what Fresh Movement encourage business’ to do is, actively engage with their customers on social media. This includes live streams and having conversations to disrupt the mindless scrolling and gain fans, rather than just followers.

Making it engaging and fun to watch

Whilst the concept of what Fresh Movement wanted was to explain their business to new and potential customers. We realised that the content could be more exciting.

Fresh Movement believes in marketing in an excitingly wild way, so we believed we should make the video we produce for them the same. We realised that they didn’t want a standard explainer video, and that they wanted something that represented them and what they stand for. This lead us to have a bit more fun with it, we included puns and scenarios that we thought were funny (and so did they) to make the overall feel of the film more in keeping with their brand. To do that, the imaginary brand that Jerry was interacting with was called Love Wood, this led us to the puns for ‘login’ and other wood scenes.

Additional Assets

In addition to the main brand animation, Fresh Movement required additional assets to use when updating their website. Allowing the video and website to blend together more seamlessly. Using assets from the film, we gave them various shortened sequences and images that they could use to reinforce the branding that they had created. We passed on files the represented the strongest points of their message and branding, such as the scrolling hamster wheel, corporate waffle and of course, Jerry, the ultimate fan. By doing this, Fresh Movement was able to get greater use from the video and truly utilise everything we created for them.

The Result

The final brand explainer video is a fun and engaging video that plays on the relationship that brands have with their fans and helps to highlight a ‘Fresh’ approach to marketing and engagement.

What our client Said

“Working with The Animation Guys has been an absolute delight. We were really excited to be working on this project with them. From start to finish they made the process enjoyable and informative. NFA couldn’t be happier with the final product and we very much look forward to working with them again soon.”

Luke Barritt

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