The Brief

Kosli is a Continuous Compliance Automation tool for DevOps teams in Fintech. Working closely with Radioville, we wanted to create some fun Fintech explainer videos to help the Kosli team with an all too common problem of explaining a complex offering in a clear and engaging way. Kosli also needed our help creating a style that helped make their software more entertaining and approachable.

Our Response

Working with Kosli we created an animation that’s full of character, uses humour and a much loved animation style to tackle this problem. Creating a suite of bespoke assets and characters for Kosli was the main bulk of this project. We worked hard to make sure each asset from a floating dog bed to a wacky control room matched our stylistic level and worked seamlessly together. By working with our friends over at Radioville we worked with their amazing voiceover artists to bring the main character ‘Arti’ to life, this included Radioville building a soundscape that fit the style and period, and also to bring the animation to life and enhance the characterful playfulness of their pop culture influenced style. Check out all the content from this amazing project including our characterful fintech explainer videos & some behind-the-scenes content below!

Initial Sketches

Style Development

Behind The Scenes

Visualising Environments

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