An important and creative climate change animation about sustainability and deforestation created for COP26.

The Brief

We worked closely with creative agency Sledge to produce a 4 minute climate change animation that would seek to explain what is currently happens to the worlds forests, the reasons for the deforestation that is currently occurring, and why the FACT Dialogue has been created leading up to COP26 to help deal with this issue.

Our Response

Establishing A Style

The FACT Dialogue is a new enterprise created in the lead up to the COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow. This meant that their branding and style had not been fully fleshed out by the time the climate change animation needed to be created. However, they did have a lovely range of abstract patterns that they had used in earlier communication material. This was an excellent starting point for the team to branch off from. With the subtle use of noise and real world imagery a flexible and inviting style was created to brand the FACT Dialogue and all their future communications.

Reaching A Global Audience

One of the most important themes that kept arising during the project, was that this animation and the messaging within it were meant for a global audience. The change that the FACT Dialogue want to enact around the world, can only happen with global collaboration. This meant accurately portraying each community and representatives from across the world that deforestation will affect.

Additional Media

In addition to the main animation, the FACT Dialogue loved the assets, look and feel of the entire project so much that they wanted to take it all a step further. This meant branding their FACT event in the same style with additional GFX, and also communications media, and also branding their website in the same style. There were also a variety of edits that were completed that used celebrities to voice the animations, helping to increase the reach and exposure for the animation and messaging as a whole.

The Results

The final videos, of which there are many, each do their own unique job to spread the message of deforestation and the impact it is doing. Below you can see the full FACT Dialogue event that was held, plus the Celebrity comms videos that were put out in the lead up.

Full Event Stream

Opening Hero Animation

Celebrity Comms Videos

Forest -Dr. Jane Goodall

Agriculture -Melati Wijsen

Commodity -Nile Rodgers

Trade -Stephen Fry

What Our Client Said

“Exceptional work and a fantastic team, The Animation Guys were a joy to collaborate with. They provided us a title sequence and related graphics for our Children’s TV show which has quickly become iconic. The understood our vision and worked collaboratively with our team to create a product that we were thrilled with. We can’t want to work with them again and you shouldn’t hesitate to book them!”

Faraz Osman

Gold Wala

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