We were approached by Naveen, one of the founders of DOC2UK with a need to communicate their services to a rapidly increasing audience and list of subscribers to their web platform and services. Naveen was keen to solve certain communication issues they had been having with applicants and create a compelling animated video that made clear who they were.

One of the gems that came out of the initial meetings was Naveen’s compelling personal story of coming to the UK and trying to make it as a doctor and the strong influence the experience had on shaping the company. We felt that this was an important angle to communicate and telling it from his point of view would be a good device to inform the target audience of the difficulties they could face when arriving in the UK and give it a nice personal touch, which is what the company is all about.

We wanted to give it a simple aesthetic that felt medical but also friendly and worked within the DOC2UK brand.

We had a really positive reaction from the client at each stage. We were all really happy with the result!

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