A dynamic 3D animation for LexisNexis Risk Solutions to highlight their new suite of products & to help revolutionize the insurance industry

The Brief

LexisNexis Risk Solutions is the leading provider of essential information to help customers across industry and government assess, predict and manage risk. They are poised to revolutionise the way we handle data surrounding our vehicles in the 21st century. However, to do this they need to get the right people on board to kickstart this change throughout the insurance industry. They came to us needing an engaging way to show off their new services & explain what they do in a way that would help push this change. To do this we created a dynamic 3D video that helps them do that and so much more.

Our Response

With a project of this size, it is key to make sure the messaging is clear and concise as there can be many different points that need to be covered. To do this we worked closely with LexisNexis on refining the information they had into a script that would hit all the aims they had for this video. One of LexisNexis’ aims, was to ensure that this video would work with their road map for the coming years. This meant creating a video that would work closely with their brand & the new suite of products they are rolling out. As they work with such large names within the automotive industry, it was important for the video to attract the right people. This meant creating a successful style that not only worked with LexisNexis’ well-established brand identity they have developed over the last 50 years but also fit their core messaging & audience they want to put it in front of. An early step in this process was to dive deep into each plot point and pick some key scenes to create some style frames to fit the needs of the project. (seen right) This enables us & the client to visualize the final look & feel of the video, giving everyone involved an end goal to work towards.

Style Frames

Sketched Storyboard

Dynamic 3D animation projects have a long history of successfully visualizing things that we may see in the real world, in this case, a vehicle, whilst also giving a large amount of control to both artists and clients with how they are able to convey certain key messages, themes & ideas. The next step in the process was to create a sketched storyboard. It is important to look ahead and see how you can take full advantage of the 3D medium to showcase the different concepts in interesting & informative ways. The visuals are there to compliment the messages in the script & to push them further for the audience. To add visual interest, it is key to use the movement that animation provides you to its fullest potential. Keeping movement on-screen, and guiding your eye through a scene, helps to keep the audience engaged and interested in what they are watching.

One of our aims for this project was to push the visuals in a direction that would capture the attention of the right people, in the right industries. To do this, we produced an end product that was polished, high tech & had longevity. The benefits of using a dynamic 3D animation is the multiple different ways in which this can be achieved. We utilized all of the tools at our disposal to tell a story & connect all these ideas into a flowing and digestible piece of content for the audience. You can see the progression of the scenes from the sketched storyboard and how they are developed when being brought into 3D. Each scene is its own entity, telling the story & explaining the concept it relates to whilst also fitting within the video as a whole and drawing the viewer in to find out more. We wanted the audience to watch this video and wonder why they aren’t already working with LexisNexis.

Animation Stills

Animation Stills

When producing a piece of media such as with this dynamic 3D animation for LexisNexis, its important to understand the role it can play in your business & marketing strategies. The uses of a video are almost limitless. This is clear with LexisNexis. They didn’t just want one video, with an English voice-over to put on a page on their website. We have worked with them to produce multiple voice-over translations for the video, both with and without subtitles. Whilst also creating shorter versions for use in different scenarios. This will help them get their message out to a much greater audience, which is especially key in today’s global working environment. LexisNexis run many global events. both in bricks & mortar, and virtually. These translations and different edits will help them tailor their messaging to each of the markets they want to target. Re-purposing your content and refitting it to the audience that will be watching it will increase the effectiveness of your content. Ensuring that the content you create fits the place it will be seen can be the difference between someone finding out more about you, and watching 10 seconds and moving onto the next thing.

The Result

What our client Said

“The Animation Guys are wicked”

Andrew Pym

Marketing Executive at LexisNexis Risk Solutions

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